Wednesday March 31, 2004

Anything but work: Firsts and Lasts!

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Stole this from Skyler... I need a break from my dissertation after having written all of 230 words. :|


First job: editorial trainee at one of our newspapers (it was paid so it's a job, hehe)
First best friend: Stephanie & her brother Christian. I was 4.
First car: Blue Opel Corsa (Vauxhall Nova for you UK people).
First real kiss: The guy was called Jean and annoyingly clingy. :))
First self purchased album: :-? I have no idea. Possibly Modern Talking (shush German speakers!)
First funeral: Some great-uncle or something.
First piercing: My ears, at 9 I believe.
First Tattoo: Soon... maybe. :|
First credit card: LOL. The ones I got with my student account in 1997.
First enemy: Um... probably the bullies from primary school.
First Crush: :-? Interesting question. I honestly don't remember. Some singer no doubt, and no, not MJ.
First big trip: Um... what's a big trip as opposed to a small one? First holiday was Greece at 4... first non-Europe trip Tunisia when I was, er, 11? And first "far away" trip Texas in 1995.


Last Cigarette: I've had one cigarette in my entire life, when we had a huge emotional argument at home and I was such a wreck I needed one. :|
Last Alcoholic Drink: 2 weeks ago.
Last Car Ride: 4hrs ago.
Last Good Cry: Um... probably around 2 weeks ago as well.
Last Film Seen at the Cinema: Um.... *looks around for help* LOTR? Don't think I've been since. :-?
Last Book Read: The Case of the General's Thumb -- Andrey Kurkov.
Last Film Rented: Good God. I barely ever rent films, so no idea.
Last Bad Word: Probably "fucking" something or other.
Last Food Consumed: Weight Watcher's Fisherman's Pie. (oh and coconut bars... :wh)
Last Phone Call: Annoying Sky people just now.
Last TV Show Watched: Sex and the City. Oh and Simpsons on the PC.
Last Shoes Worn: Nike trainers.
Last CD Played: Jacques Brel - Quinze Ans d'Amour.
Last Item Bought: Brian poster. Ah no, Asda shopping.
Last Download: Big Fish movie, which doesn't bloody work. X(
Last Annoyance: being locked out yet again. :|
Last Disappointment: um... that the nice weather didn't last? Dunno.
Last Soda Drunk: Diet Coke.
Last Thing Written: Boooring dissertation.
Last Words Spoken: "ok thanks, bye" or something to that effect (to the Sky guy)
Last Sleep: at the cemetery this afternoon, in the sun. :D About 90mins.
Last Time Amused: just earlier, by a thread on Simply which most of you can't access, hehe. :P


u and Squizz should rent "Hedwing and the Angry Inch" and watch it,
you guys will love it, i promise

Posted by: Kal at Thu April 1, 2004 6:18

Just as much as we loved Rippin Kittin?

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu April 1, 2004 11:31

LOL @ Weight Watcher's Fisherman's Pie!

Posted by: Suha at Thu April 1, 2004 13:17

lmao @ Rippin Kittin

Posted by: squiZZ at Thu April 1, 2004 13:29

And concerning Modern Talking... yeah, OK, I shut up now... ;)

Posted by: Suha at Thu April 1, 2004 15:19

@ Suha

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu April 1, 2004 15:42