Tuesday March 30, 2004

I think I better leave right now

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Can't get that bloody song out of my head! Ok I actually like it. I don't care much for Will Young tho. Usually. But cute song.

Anyway. Worked fucking 8.5hrs today, bloody Asda! X( Need to suck up to them tho cuz I want my hours changed. Don't wanna work from 12... my excuse is I might get a part time morning job... only thing is if they say no can do and then I'm late on Friday next week cuz of plane delays, they will probably go /:) *ahem*

So yeah I'm off to Glasgow next week to visit squiZZ :x and his lovely flatmate (:-s)... Tuesday to Friday. Should be fun. Stressful but fun. Tho the PetŪ keeps making a fuss cuz I said I won't drink. :|

Tomorrow I'm off to London for some Brian-drooling yet again. One last time. :-( But there's always 3rd July in Arras, France... (;;) in the general direction of Glasgow). Am off work til Friday. Wrote 600 words this morning. Doubt I'll get anything written tomorrow. I need more money so bad. :|


The drinking of alcohol is compulsory when in my flat.

Arras . . . hmmm . . . I think I'll go, I really wanna see them again but I hate stinky france.

Posted by: squiZZ at Tue March 30, 2004 0:25

@ alcohol.

@ Arras!
France is cool.

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue March 30, 2004 0:27

Have fun in Clarissa!

Do they play nice music on the loudspeaker as you are working your cash register? In anything there can be fun. Mary Poppins says so!


Posted by: j at Tue March 30, 2004 14:44


have fun in Glascow.

Posted by: j at Tue March 30, 2004 14:45

I bought the Will Young album for that song alone. Sadly but expectedly no other song came close.

Posted by: Anne at Tue March 30, 2004 16:29

There are a couple of good wee tracks on that album.. some I like more than "Leave Right Now" (meh.. TOO whiny!)

BTW: Ditto! I NEED more money too!

Posted by: Mel at Tue March 30, 2004 22:34

have fun

change your links to thekalin.us instead of letkal.be



Posted by: Kal at Wed March 31, 2004 6:11

LMAO @ Jimmy! Good one
And yeah they do play nice music but depending on where you sit you can barely hear it.

LOL @ the Will Young debate - so which one is it?

Done @ Kal.

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 31, 2004 18:26