Wednesday March 24, 2004


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Yeah most of my latest entries seem to have been about online and stuff, so I thought I'd do a "this was my week" entry or sth... it's actually been quite boring so far, mainly work, except on Monday where I got all that stuff done - except the most important, that bloody dissertation (I am so getting another extension!!).

Yeah so work is ok, it's still induction week but I'm basically on checkouts most of the time. It's fun... sometimes it gets a bit monotonous, but it's ok. People can be cute. It's better than teaching believe me! :| And it's money.

Speaking of money, I got a bank statement today telling me that my mom has sent me some money... quite a bit actually, so I am not so broke anymore. That's quite nice. :D

Work again tomorrow, then Friday off. I have an appointment with my GP (hehe, my GP, yes I've registered) ... and then work again Saturday. I still don't have my proper working hours 8-|, they're so bloody disorganised, I wanna, like, visit people and go to Paris and stuff! X( Yeah anyway, I will find out tomorrow tho. We don't get holidays the week before and after Easter... so I can probably forget about Paris. But we'll see.

Ok and now I'll do my dissertation. No honest! Or maybe some more chatting. Well, and my dissertation. That involves switching off my music. I will do that right now. No honest! Ahem. Byeee.


I am just commenting to say that I commented on previous entry..and as it's long, I want you to notice it


Posted by: Dee at Wed March 24, 2004 17:29

even cuuuuter!
Yeah I noticed cuz I get "5 most recent comments" on my MT editing screen so I usually see them!

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 24, 2004 17:35

Congrats at being given more money but is unfair. Doesn't she want you to make your own way and stuff?

Maybe that's just MY family.

Posted by: The BML at Wed March 24, 2004 18:17

She wants me to finish my dissertation so she's bribing me. She says it has to be done by the end of April tho (which I probably won't manage but I have the money now lol).

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 24, 2004 18:50

So if you don't finish will she want it back?

You don't need as much as she's given you tho, right?

Posted by: The BML at Wed March 24, 2004 19:00

You don't know how much she's given me.
No I don't need that much to last me until the end of April (well not with job), but it's also supposed to cover March apparently, and May, where I will be looking for a better job (apparently). Depending on how much I make at Asda it should work out.
So that's good. I think I might actually go food-shopping now so I don't have to eat boring soups anymore (or nick your food ).

And no I WILL finish it, but I might need a little longer. But if I can tell her I have 10,000 by the end of April I'm sure she'll understand. Anyway I have to write 500 now apparently.

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 24, 2004 19:05

Actually I've just worked out how much I'll make at Asda approximately.... not a lot.

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 24, 2004 19:11

Hmmm ok. And OBVIOUSLY I don't know how much she gave you. But the dissertation isn't costing THAT much, however much it is. As you said she gave you "quite a bit".

Was just asking. You're lucky.

I'll go back to cutting the gone-off bits out my bread now.

Posted by: The BML at Wed March 24, 2004 21:32

The dissertation isn't costing much, but the fact that I can only have a part time job cuz I'm (supposed to be) working on it the rest of the time is. Well, isn't, but isn't bringing IN any money. THAT was the whole point.

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 24, 2004 21:42


Posted by: The BML at Wed March 24, 2004 22:16