Monday March 15, 2004

A touch of the Divine

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Yeah so because of all the drama after Brighton I never really got round to saying anything about the Placebo concerts - so I thought with the DVD out today would be as good a day as any for some marvelment and wondrousness. The concerts were fucking incredible, a true droolfest. Very crowded and very manic at the front, but worth it!

So... Placebo are amazing. Brian Molko is a God - a Sex God to be precise, or in fact, more specifically, the Sex God. Brian Molko speaking French can only be surpassed in sexiness by Brian Molko wearing a hat. =P~ The DVD is soooooooo incredible, I cannot wait for the next concert (15 days) and OMG I wish I'd gone to that Paris show. I could have. Anyway. Now I have the DVD. And another concert to look forward to. And Brian Molko has to marry me!


What is it with men and make-up? Gotta love them. Very sexy that Brian of yours citz. Thats a catch!!

Posted by: tris at Mon March 15, 2004 18:50

I know

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon March 15, 2004 23:16

Can't have him at the moment cause they're here! Still seats available if you want me to get you one?

Dunno how they go playing upside down but...

Posted by: Craig at Tue March 16, 2004 7:04

clarissa, can i design a super fab logo for you?

Posted by: Kal at Tue March 16, 2004 7:45

i need a picture of you face forward to the cam, facing off, serious

email it to me

Posted by: Kal at Tue March 16, 2004 7:46

dont ask any questions, if you dont like it, trash it

Posted by: Kal at Tue March 16, 2004 7:47

@ Craig, I knooooow they are, is NOT fair!!!

@ Kal, um ok, I'll see what I can do...

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue March 16, 2004 12:15