Saturday March 13, 2004

Snapshots: achievements today

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300+ pages of Middlesex read

Random drawings & scribblings

Tidy & clean room

Scanned & emailed London postcards

So I don't think that was too bad. I also went for a walk thru Roedean and to Coop but I have no photographic evidence of that. Didn't do any essay work again but not too bothered about that now. It was sunny today, so my mood was better, tho lethargy still prevails. Middlesex is very good. I think I shall go read some more in a minute, as there will be no Mon today and the Net is dead on weekends as everyone knows. Hum yeah. The end. *lol*


Mon just came back from work and off to bed in a sec. Can't turn on yahoo because then I'll be stuck here, and have to wake up at 6.30 to get back to work tomorrow. I think you should show us a bigger picture of your drawings! Goodnight

Posted by: Jar Jar at Sat March 13, 2004 22:05

Maybe @ drawings, they pretty shit tho.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat March 13, 2004 22:42

I want to see your pictures too!

And can you be any sweeter Monica?! Hope you have a nice sleepy sleep!

Posted by: Jimmy at Sun March 14, 2004 1:47

I have read Middlesex and I didn't like it... I don't understand all the fuss about this book... anyway... the author recently gave an interview to a German broadsheet discussing MJ and the Nation of Islam. He more or less called MJ insane but wasn't convinced he's a paedo.

Posted by: Anne at Sun March 14, 2004 15:31

Ah @ Anne, I didn't know. Well anyway I loved the book.

LOL @ Jimmy, cute.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun March 14, 2004 17:07

Glad you got sth done then. OMG - how can you read so much? Wow. Here's me thinking _I_ had read a lot this weekend! A 60 page book - huh!

Ooooh @ Lunnon postcards!

Posted by: Woods at Sun March 14, 2004 17:07

LOL. Yeah I finished it today, it was 520 pages or sth. I don't usually read that fast but it was a fun & easy read.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun March 14, 2004 17:11

Suppose, it depends on the style of writing. Tho 500 in a weekend is STILL a lot!

Posted by: Woods at Mon March 15, 2004 9:56