Friday March 12, 2004

I hate the rain

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Achievements today: none.

Well I got quite a bit further in The Sims: Bustin' Out. So yeah I've rediscovered my GBA. Did a tiny bit of studying - like, 30mins, ugh. And apart from that... nothing. Fascinating how days can go by without, I dunno, anything happening. My life sucks at the moment. Must - snap - out - of - this. :|


I could knock your door at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning and go "GET YER ARSE OUT OF BED AND STUUUUUDDDDYYYYYYYYY!!!" but I doubt you'd appreciate it.

Plus obviously there's the small problem of me not being up at 7 a.m.

Although... it's feasible.

Posted by: The BML at Sat March 13, 2004 0:37

I'm proud of my baby, even when if she does seem stuck in a rut.

What's GBA?

Posted by: Prue at Sat March 13, 2004 3:52

Just bumping in your comments to wish you a great weekend =)
much hugs from the norwegian

Posted by: tris at Sat March 13, 2004 12:55

Cute everyone.
GBA = Game Boy Advance.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat March 13, 2004 18:12