Thursday March 11, 2004

Macbeth (the saga continues)

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Hehe so I couldn't resist... it's the last one tho I promise. I mean, I don't even like Shakespeare! (same as Oreos... which raises the question - am I a masochist? Probably). Ok so there's 3 takes this time - doesn't make any more sense than the previous one if you haven't read the play - so if you're bored, it's right here.

PS Macbeth dies in the end, Lady Macbeth kills herself. BTW, Macbeth is cursed according to theatre actors and must only be referred to as the "Scottish Play", as any Blackadder fan will know. *hehe*


I love those little oreo stories! I once had to play one of the three witches in Macbeth. Was fun :)

Posted by: Evelien at Thu March 11, 2004 20:12

fucking brilliant, thanks for the laugh. I have knots on the side of my chest now!

Posted by: Kal at Thu March 11, 2004 23:17

Hmmm... this could be a regular feature in "Wam & Woo" methinks... ;)

Posted by: Mel at Thu March 11, 2004 23:39


Posted by: Clarissa at Thu March 11, 2004 23:45

You have a wonderful imagination! Can I borrow your brain?

Posted by: Jimmy at Fri March 12, 2004 2:37

lol @ jimmy

Posted by: Jar Jar at Fri March 12, 2004 11:14

Nah I'm crap.

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri March 12, 2004 13:57

Macbeth-macbeth-macbeth... *hee hee hee* Oopth, thorry!

LOL R&J and Macbeth were the only 2 plays I studied in school. So I'm glad I was able to follow the Oreo version! LMAO @ "wtf" in the 2nd pic!! AYE! And cuuute red hands on L. Macbeth and beard on Duncan!!
This is so cool!!

Posted by: Woods at Fri March 12, 2004 16:55