Wednesday March 10, 2004

Spooked out

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Just checked out Endsleigh for insurance for our Jareth (yes yes that's our flat), you can get a quote online and stuff. 30 seconds after I'd hit the "give me a quote" button the phone goes and it's them, offering to discuss the quote and maybe give me a better offer - I mean wtf?! The reason I do this stuff online is cuz I don't want to talk to people if I can avoid it! 8-|

Um anyway. Look at my yummy middle-of-the-afternoon-lunch. It was very tasty, and healthy too (and vegetarian). The picture is called "Comfort Food". I like the colours. I cheated of course.

Now I'll have a muffin or something. In case anyone's interested, I've done some work on my dissertation, and I'll do some more now. Probably.


mmmm..look nice, wanna make me some?

Posted by: Jster at Wed March 10, 2004 17:18

>>I've done some work on my dissertation

very good.

Posted by: miriam at Wed March 10, 2004 18:05

That looks healthy & yummy... Me likes!

Save me some please!

Posted by: Mel at Wed March 10, 2004 19:02

All gone. Is only egg fried rice by Uncle Ben's and some cheapy Lidl frozen vegetables, with mayo and herbes de provence. *yum*

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed March 10, 2004 19:24

LOL @ Jareth.

And well done @ dissertation!

Posted by: Woods at Thu March 11, 2004 13:06