Tuesday March 9, 2004

Another entry

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Yeah so I got back from my week-end in Lux... fucking travel, so damn annoying. 19kg suitcase, delayed trains, cold platforms and whatnot... never doing this again. Something like a 7hr journey, I might as well have gone by car. And when I got back BML Me had already gone to bed so was all lonely and stuff. :-( So I came online and chatted to people. As usual. *hehe*

Lux was rather boring - as I mentioned in that previous entry. Tomorrow I have that interview... so maybe soon I'll be a checkout girl again. Sounds good to me - as good as anything else really. I was also thinking maybe I could try to do proofreading & essay formatting for students or sth. Can always put up ads around campus, won't cost me nothing.

Yeah so.. I was gonna say something else, but I can't remember now. I felt better today, no I really did. Travel was tedious but not as dreadful as on my way out. I've found out however that my Lara has gone WAY down in price so I can't really count on making much money out of her and stuff... yeah so will sell Karim first. Wish I didn't have to.

Heh so before I sink back into depression I shall bugger off and leave y'all to it. Will do lots of work on my dissertation tomorrow. I want a thorough dissertation plan to send to Piotr. Hooray for positivity! :D


Aw, sorry about the car and everything. *hugs* Poor thing having to sell Karim. Doesn't seem right, selling a pet, but I suppose... that's how we get them in the first place...

And I think it's a cool idea about proofreading stuff - cos a lot of students wouldn't be confident with their grammar and all that.

Posted by: Woods at Tue March 9, 2004 9:51

Yeah well. Some PetsŪ you lose, some you have to sell. (lol sorry couldn't help it)

And yeah maybe @ proofreading, we'll see. Don't think there'll be that much demand, but not much lost in trying.

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue March 9, 2004 13:00

Still... would be extra money!

Posted by: Woods at Tue March 9, 2004 17:25

Lots of students will definitely need proofreading...lol, they should be ashamed of the fact that a foreign girl speaks and writes their own language better than they do. And this is not the first time I notice this.

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