Sunday March 7, 2004

For Mon: an Update

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So I'm here at Martine's place using her PC, so I don't really have much time. I only really came here to check train and bus times, but I promised Mon an entry so here goes. I don't really have much to say. It's strange being here cuz I'm not online with my friends, I don't really have anything to do so mostly I sleep and watch TV. Or go & see friends but there aren't really that many I want to see right now.

I've checked all the usual places of course, seems everyone online is depressed, how strangely unsurprising. I'd like to say it's good for me to be offline for a while, and maybe I shouldn't have read the diary entries and message board posts as it only makes me feel worse than I do anyway. But, well, these people are important to me and I can't just get away from them.

Anyway. Everyday stuff. Went to see my horsey... I may well have to sell him, which isn't so great but well I need money. I did some work for my dissertation, tho by far not as much as I should have. And I hate travelling by Ryanair & next time I'll come by car (ha, probably to sell her too, ugh). Hm yeah that's it. See y'all Monday night. I've written a long entry on paper which I'll put online when I get back. To add a bit to the general depressive mood eh.


Posted by: Jar Jar at Sun March 7, 2004 16:09

Sorry haven't been commenting for days...

That's good you're getting work done on your dissertation. Every little bit helps.

Aye @ people being online being depressed. Is not easy.

OMG you'll have to sell your horse? That's terrible.

Posted by: Sinead at Sun March 7, 2004 20:02

Btw, just noticed, it's 3 years ago this evening that I saw Michael Jackson for the first time. He was hobbling onto stage with crutches LOL!! Yeah I know, it's totally unrelated to anything....

Posted by: Sinead at Sun March 7, 2004 20:04

@sinead: but worth mentioning

Posted by: tris at Sun March 7, 2004 20:15

Miss you.

Posted by: The BML at Sun March 7, 2004 22:55

Say hello to your horsey.

Not everyone is depressed. I'm very happy and you should be too!

bye bye.

Posted by: jimmy at Mon March 8, 2004 1:51

Yeah, depression seems to be going around lately. It's gotten a hold of me, I tell you that much. I know what you mean about not being able to stay offline. I love my online friends too dearly and I feel so detached (as ironic as that may seem being that I lock myself up in my room all day anyway and sit in this computer) when I'm away for even a day. xo

Posted by: Skyler at Mon March 8, 2004 3:31

It is, Tris!

Aw, poor BML.

Posted by: Sinead at Mon March 8, 2004 16:02