Thursday March 4, 2004

Keeping myself busy

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Heh I thought I'd be a good girl for once... woke up quite early as I'd been to bed at 10, so I decided to clean the flat and all... did quite a bit of it, then quickly came online to check sth... and here I am, 3hrs on, still chatting to people. :| Bad Bad Clarissa.

Will be off again soon tho - no no honest. So this afternoon I was gonna go to the Job Centre to finally apply for Jobseeker's Allowance... but now I got a phonecall from Asda (after all) and I have another interview on Tuesday - for checkouts (woo!) so I'm thinking maybe I should wait? Or maybe I shouldn't... if I apply now I'm more likely to get the job (Sod's law you know). There are also 3 jobs Reed are still trying to get me. *hm*

Tomorrow I'll be off to Luxembourg for a few days (heh I'm still tempted to say "off home" but that's wrong!). There's stuff I need and so on.... my mum's actually looking forward to having me, whee! :)) Will be seeing a few friends and stuff, and horsey obviously and pigs... yeah. I won't have a PC as LJ has the laptop. Will be weird not talking to my friends at all for a few days... ah well, guess I can text. Yeah so obviously no updates until Tuesday. Maybe I'll finally do some work on my dissertation.


hey ya. Have you went home yet? If so, enjoy your stay at your mum's house=9 Im going home this weekend too (my dad's birthday) Im available by phone as soon as I get my sim card *lol*. Hoping that is happeing tomorrow since I allready got my new mobile.

talk to you next week then.
Until then...peace

hugs tris

Posted by: tris at Thu March 4, 2004 19:30

Cute Tris

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu March 4, 2004 19:32

>>Bad Bad Clarissa.

Indeed. You're SO bad.

WTF do you mean that was directed at you?! You're SO um... what's the word... EGOTISTICAL!! So what I'm in your diary replying to YOUR comment, how DARE you think this is about you?!?! *rollseyes*

Just pass me the gun...

PS. Love you.

Posted by: The BML at Thu March 4, 2004 23:11