Friday January 30, 2004

Ack! OMG! Grr! Urgh!

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Yadda yadda, blablabla, this and that and the other... such-and-such said this, shall we believe that? But whatshisface said sth else, what to make of that? What about Michael, he needs us, we must warn him, he cannot manage otherwise! So Debbie is meant to have said this, and LMP was overheard saying that, or in fact her cousin's neighbour's gardener was, anyway, I am positive that this-and-that is DEFINITELY gonna happen!

And have you heard about that fan who dared the unspeakable?? What a disgrace! I would never have done THAT! Except if I'd had the chance. And then apparently X heard that Y had been telling Z about this highly confidential matter... bladibla... so please make sure you spread it all around the world, but please don't tell anyone you got it from me! I might lose access to Neverland!

[Michael Jackson fans are hypocritical, disturbing, two-faced, revolting bastards. Bladibla. Much like the rest of the human race then.]



Posted by: squiZZle at Fri January 30, 2004 6:17

Hi Citz. Glad you are doing well... ;) hehe

Posted by: Anne at Fri January 30, 2004 8:05

Never a truer word spoken.

Posted by: streetwalker2 at Fri January 30, 2004 9:11


Posted by: Clarissa at Fri January 30, 2004 16:31

Described me to a T, Clarissa!!!!!

Posted by: Mel at Fri January 30, 2004 18:10