Wednesday January 21, 2004

All is cool!

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And not in the literal sense. Jareth is warm again, in fact we got the heating back on Monday already, woo! We also have a telephone line now, so will go online from home later (uni now). Can't wait to get broadband, but for now dialup will have to do. :-s

Also bought lots of exciting stuff for the kitchen (well more useful than exciting, but anyway) - toaster, kettle, sandwich maker (we don't need a sandwich maker, but it was a set), dish drainer, rubbish bin, cutlery tray, stuff like that. It's all blue to match the cupboards and tiling. Woo! And I got us a cordless phone. And a desk for the PC (well, got that yesterday), but the screws don't fit so we had to get extra ones at B&Q. Hope it will work with those. Argos sucks. :|

Yeah what else... ah, non flat-related... last night we met up with Daniel, the squiZZpetŪ was rather scared at first but they got on well (I think). They had an MJ night at one of the campus clubs, very exciting and muchly fun. Daniel won the moonwalking competition, hehe. Wooo! We stayed the night @ Daniel's so I could get drunk (as driving home), that was fun too (embarrassing His Cuteness and annoying Daniel, hehe).

Tonight we'll watch The Crow, get drunk and eat sandwiches made in the cool new sandwich maker. Tomorrow we're meeting the lovely Mel, hooray! :D Meh, and then the Pet will be leaving again. :-( Far too short if you ask me (the visit, not the Pet).

Yes, that's it. Can't wait to be back on messengers! Yay! Will have to be careful with the phonebill tho. :| Byeeee!!!


"Tomorrow we're meeting the lovely Mel, hooray!"


Posted by: squiZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ at Wed January 21, 2004 19:34

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed January 21, 2004 19:36

I wanna be mentioned too....

Posted by: Suha at Wed January 21, 2004 22:54

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu January 22, 2004 0:49

Hiya! Yes, still alive.


Weird to know that you're not living just around the corner anymore...

Slightly jealous @ BML

Posted by: Val at Thu January 22, 2004 18:22

Tiger movie was very good, thanks again. :)

Posted by: Jar Jar at Thu January 22, 2004 21:31

i love the crow. and i was a fan of the TV show as well. at one point i thought it was the greatest movie ever made! lol

Citz did you get my email?

Posted by: Kal at Fri January 23, 2004 3:09

it is a very good movie Mr Kal!!
we read the email and went @ the stupid immigration cunts and the 3 month thingy!

Posted by: squiZZle at Fri January 23, 2004 14:20

so is BML living with you yet??

Posted by: Vega at Fri January 23, 2004 15:44

Clarissa flew to Glasgow early this morning and a van is being rented tomorrow morning which they're gonna load up and then drive to Brighton. They will be living together in Jareth from Saturday night.

oO(I feel like some sort of PA/spokesman answering all these questions that are for Ms Wam )

Posted by: squiZZle at Fri January 23, 2004 16:49

Clarissa, I have to tell you about my MJ experiences. I met THE man. Noticing that you are a huge fan, I want to tell you about my experience. I love Michael as an artist and as the humanitarian that he is. IM me sometime if you wish. PinkLoveBall is the SN :)

Posted by: Angie at Fri January 23, 2004 17:15

@ Val!!! Poor thing

No probs @ Mon

My new spokesman squiZZ has answered all the other questions so... he should now update his diary

Woo @ Angie, very happy for you. Not online at the moment tho...

Posted by: Glasgow Citz at Fri January 23, 2004 17:42

Mr Backerman eat your heart out!

Posted by: squiZZle at Fri January 23, 2004 19:01