Friday January 16, 2004

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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OK first off, just to clear things up, I'm in Luxembourg at the moment. Going back to Brighton on Sunday.

Yes then I was wondering how people write autobiographies... how can they remember all those details? Is my memory really that bad? I could never write up my life story - most of it is a blur. Ah and I'd like to say I love Anne Frank. Dug out her diary again, and re-read, and loved, and realised she was only 14 when she wrote it. And it's so mature and insightful and wise. She was wonderful. (and no there's no link between Anne Frank and autobiographies. The autobiographies bit is about A Bag of Marbles. Ok so there is a link, the Holocaust, but anyway.)

Also, I'm gonna have to move into the big room in Brighton as I will be keeping Mon and squiZZ in a cage (also ET, and Miriam if she agrees), and they won't fit into the small room. On sunny days I'll take them out for walks and make them perform tricks down at the Marina. This will make us outrageously rich and then we can buy an island and live there happily ever after. All we need is a tennis court for Jimmy, a croquet, er, thing for squiZZ, broadband internet connection for all of us and lots of servants.

Failing that I will sell the squiZZ, get 20% commission, become outrageously rich and buy an island all the same. He can join the rest of us there after his slavery contract has ended. Or I could win the lottery, or marry a millionaire and inconspicuously kill him off and inherit all his money. I'm sure something or other will come up. As long as I don't have to get a job! :-s

So much about tomorrow. Now yesterday. Yeah so got back from Brighton yesterday, the weather was a fucking nightmare, honest, rain all the way home, and rather windy too - I hate driving in the rain almost as much as I hate driving at night! Anyway. My first night spent in Jareth was nice. I like sleeping on the floor. I mean on a mattress on the floor. I love Jareth.

Today.... was rather uneventful. Mostly spent online. Online is good. Anyone who tells me otherwise is wrong. I loved Brandy today, and Lauryn. I watched some MJ news programme, emailed some people, rang some people, slept... and chatted rather a lot.

So going back to Brighton on Sunday. Am all excited! Cute squiZZpet® arriving Monday. :x :D We're going to Ikea apparently - fair enough. We're also meeting wubbly Mel on Thursday. And Daniel (and his arms) at some point or other. Apart from that I guess we'll be getting drunk, hopefully watching telly if the TV card works, and, um... hehe good question, but I'm sure we'll find sth. We could invade the Sussex uni IT rooms and abuse Daniel's login or sth. Maybe make videos so I can sell squiZZ? Wednesday we'll have our BT line installed. ("our" referring to BML Me & me here, not squiZZ and me.)

Aye. So back to today. Today is MJ's arraignment... I shall be watching of course, mainly to see if I know any of the fans gathered outside... or more precisely, if I can spot BML Me, Mir, or Arica. :)) And that's it. So right now, i.e. today, I shall bed. Woo. Nighty! :*

PS So apparently MJ has invited all fans attending the arraignment to Neverland for lunch afterwards. That's pretty cool! So BML Me finally gets to see her beloved Neverland! :D Am very excited for her!! :x


Anne Frank DID live in some extraordinary circumstances! I think they make people wiser.
I haven't heard about Anne Frank in ages and suddenly I saw something about the house she lived in before they had to hide last night and you start about her. Thank god I believe in coincidence, else I would've thought it a sign LOL!

I just finished Nelson Mandela's autobiography, I loved him before, I worship him now (okay, not really). I was wondering the exact same thing: how does he remember all that, even the exact dates when a meeting with whomever happened.

Posted by: Sebastiaan at Fri January 16, 2004 11:06

Ps *fucking jealous* of all the people going to Neverland for lunch!!!

Posted by: Sebastiaan at Fri January 16, 2004 11:06

Ooh @ Anne Frank. Weird. Maybe it is a sign!
True she lived in extraordinary circumstances, but that wouldn't so much affect her thoughts about feelings, love, etc, or the way she felt about her parents and the other people living in the house.

I'm not jealous at all btw. Tho I did get a warm fuzzy feeling seeing all the fans on telly, so I guess I'm a bit less negative towards them again.

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri January 16, 2004 11:56

Hehe cute WAM

Posted by: Mon at Fri January 16, 2004 14:24

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri January 16, 2004 15:05