Tuesday January 13, 2004

I live here now!

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What can I say but OMG OMG OMG OMG and some more OMG!?!!?!??! I'm here, I've moved in here, I love here, I've always wanted here and now I've GOT here! It's totally surreal. Seriously, it hasn't sunk in yet. Sitting on the 1 or 7 bus means "going home" - not "travelling to random flat". Woah.

Ahem. I'm sorry. Most people won't get the magic of this, which is why I've been texting all my old Brighton buddies rambling on about it... they understand. They're all jealous. Cuz I live here now. Tho I have yet to find a job. Well I went to 2 agencies this afternoon, it's a start, other than that I'll be optimistic... what else can I do? Had another spell of "wah I'll never find anywhere" this afternoon... staring at people in the street thinking "I bet they have a job" and stuff... not good. But whatever.

Yeah so the flat... the flat is fabulous. Made a film so far, will take pics tomorrow. Is kinda messy now with my stuff strewn all over it, so I feel bad about taking pics, but will tomorrow before I leave. Must also clean the place, it's quite disgusting, spent over 10 buying cleaning products at (wonderful) Asda. And the view... the view is fucking incredible. The Marina, the sea, the cliffs... woah. Seriously, I keep wandering from one window to the next marvelling at the view. Woo. Apparently we have sun all day until 3pm (in the summer).

It's kinda cold at the moment as no gas, but they tell me they'll come round on Friday to check the system and switch it back on. David the caretaker is very sweet and has explained a lot of stuff to me - also told me quite a bit about the appartment block (34yrs old! so 70es indeed), the flat (boiler too small), the landlady (short of money) and so on... he's from Portugal and he talks funny, bit like Greek people and the guy from the End of the World video (ch instead of h, if you know what I mean).

I couldn't finish this entry without thanking the fabulous Stained Glass Bimbo aka Daniel for letting me stay the night and helping me unload Caroline the Van! Having him in Brighton is the most exciting thing - apart from having BML Me of course. It's so surreal. I can barely grasp my luck. Mehehe. How cool. *stupid grin*

Well I'll be off now. Travelling back tomorrow so I'll be online tomorrow night, incl. pics of the flat (tentatively named "Jareth, King of the Goblins") and surroundings... thanks for reading, missing you, love you all, desperately addicted, speak soon!


Woooooooooooo lucky Citz *feels jealous* lol

Posted by: oL at Tue January 13, 2004 19:53

congratulations! muchly happy for you :) it's a nice town (tho only been there for a day). congrats again

Posted by: karin at Tue January 13, 2004 22:39

Paul is going: "That could have been us if you didnt hold on to Sweden so much."
I agree. Love both places. You lucky bitch...

Posted by: Vega at Wed January 14, 2004 0:32

Congrats citz! so happy for you. hopefully you will find a job soon! BTW, I saw the BML on the news yesterday. hehe

Posted by: Anne at Wed January 14, 2004 10:55

Thanks everyone.
Vega, Paul's right.
@ Anne. I want too

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed January 14, 2004 18:08