Monday January 12, 2004


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So I'm in Brighton. Am I excited? Rather. Very in fact. Brighton is so fucking cool, I love it love it love it!!!! And it's all MINE!! (much like BML Me, squiZZ, Mon, Miriam and Lo... and Paris of course.)

Yeah so Brighton is wonderful. I've been in a constant state of bliss since I got here. :x Not done much... some shopping (3 books is all) and some sleeping (in Caroline)... went to Toys'R'Us & Comet too, but that was boring. And now I'm at the Uni computers using divine Daniel's login, chatting to (my) Lo and squiZZpetŪ (using on-screen keyboard, hehe), doing some emailing, listening to Placebo and waiting for Daniel to return from his rehearsal. All quite exciting if you ask me.

Yeah yeah I know, no one's asking me. I'm a bit scared my stuff will get stolen overnight. We wanted to insure it but our insurance told us they wouldn't do that. Says a lot dunnit. :| Considered sleeping in Caroline tonight - she's not that uncomfortable... but I guess she'll get rather cold. I love her btw, I don't wanna give her back. :-( *lol*

OK I'm bored of this now. I was gonna write lots more about the wonderfulness of Brighton, but, well, yawn. Will take flat pics tomorrow for everyone to marvel at. I need a job btw. Apparently. Hehe.


Woooo possessive Citz.

Posted by: oL at Mon January 12, 2004 22:35

YAYYYYY @ Brighton Citzy! w00t!

Posted by: Mel at Tue January 13, 2004 0:28

Brighton! you're one lucky gal
and pictures of flat
*waiting for pics*

Posted by: Vega at Tue January 13, 2004 3:23

um.. not loving the pics of your flat (cause havent seen them yet). I mean loving that youre gonna put them online. yep.

Posted by: Vega at Tue January 13, 2004 3:24

Don't forget to give me your address there!!! :)

Posted by: Suha at Tue January 13, 2004 13:12

Ja! pictures. Been waiting for pics for ages now!!

Posted by: mon at Tue January 13, 2004 19:26

Yes yes patience. Tomorrow night!

Posted by: Wam at Tue January 13, 2004 19:43