Sunday January 11, 2004

Almost there!

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Wooohooo, so I'm pretty much done packing... check out the pics (clickie for bigger):

Look like a lot? Is a lot, but less than I thought. I managed to fit all my clothes in them 2 suitcases (plus the chest of drawers). The PC's missing of course (duh), and there's some shopping and my rollerblades downstairs. But that's pretty much it, so I can relax for the rest of the day now (well there will probably be the occasional bit of "wah, forgot to pack this/that"). Woo. We're having champagne tonight to 'celebrate' my departure, hehe. Had champagne @ friend's last night too... ah the luxury life (that will soon be over, ahem).



Posted by: squiZZle at Sun January 11, 2004 19:02

ye wot?

[edit] ok geddit. (with a little help) [/edit]

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun January 11, 2004 19:30

All of your clothes on those 2 suitcases? My clothes need 3 suitcases + 8 big boxes!!!!!

Posted by: Suha at Sun January 11, 2004 19:34

LOL no no, not all of them of course. I left a LOT behind. Just the ones I know I wear a lot.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun January 11, 2004 19:54