Sunday January 4, 2004

Ja. Back from Norway.

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Yep indeed. Means I ain't there no more! :-(

So I've finally met Miriam & Mon, as well as many other cool Norwegians like Daniel, Tetris, Silje, Hege, Gry... Yes and Mir and Mon. Mon and Mir. Mir and Mon. Slight obsession here? Naaah. :| Mon and Mir. *ahem* :wh (I luvvem.)

I am incredibly grateful for the friends I have. I feel honoured because these people choose to spend time with me, because they seem to accept or even like me, despite my imperfections, my freakiness and fuckedupness, my cynicism and negativity. But most of all I am grateful because my friends are really amazing people, and not just some boring average morons. They're actually the best thing out there. And mine. *hehe*

I know I've had a sickening amount of soppy friendship entries lately, and that it's not like me at all, but I'm afraid I can't help it. I don't know what I'd do without them. How come I have all these seriously cool people sticking up for me? Do I really deserve them? Who bribed them for me??

Honest tho. It feels so good to meet people with whom you've spent so much time online and find out you really like them in real life too. Miriam was everything I expected her to be, and so much more. I would trust her with my life, and she makes me feel like a 15yr old in her maturity - and she makes me giggle like a 15yr old in her childishness (sorry, childlike-ness). :P

And the 'mythical persona' Monica has far exceeded my expectations. I know I've been yapping on about how great she is often enough. But going there I could have been quite disappointed, or I could have been so dumbstruck by her presence that I'd never have said a word... but I think I did speak at times... and disappointed I was not. Mon is fucking amazing. I'm all for a cult following (anyone??), and in the very near future I shall abduct her and lock her away. She will be all mine! *muahahaha* :evil

Ja ok... so back on track. Actually, don't expect a long chronological report from me.... faaar too lazy, me. Maybe Miriam or squiZZ will do one!? ;;) We have lots of pics and videos and once we're done arguing over what may and what may not go online, you'll hopefully see a photographic/filmic report. Either way, I'll show you pics of Mon's lovely hairless dog (and the other one too), and, yeah. That's it really. Maybe people too. We had fun ok? :D


Hey, great that you're back! When are you leaving for England?

Posted by: Suha at Sun January 4, 2004 6:47

We want WAM video!!! (We've seen it beeing made in REAL LIFE!!! )

Posted by: miriam & mon at Sun January 4, 2004 15:29

Oh and WE MISS WAM!!!!!!!!

Posted by: miriam & mon at Sun January 4, 2004 15:30

And squiZZ too!

Posted by: miriam & mon at Sun January 4, 2004 15:30

It's even snowing!!!!!!

Posted by: miriam & mon at Sun January 4, 2004 15:30

cuuuuuute Mir & Mon!

Jaja @ video, will convert and upload in a mo. Must first play The Sims some more

Suha, dunno yet, hopefully end of next week or beginning of the one after that.

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