Friday January 2, 2004

Hello from Norway!!!

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Apparently they've decided to interview me for a video entry, so they're all out there thinking up perverted interview questions, and I'm in here, which isn't so bad cuz

1. it's much warmer and
2. it has Internet connection

So I thought I'd say hi. HI! This keyboard is weird, it has characters like , and , and consequently some of the special characters are in weird places (haha, my excuse if my typing is crap tonight). Aye, apart from that all is cool. I'd like to say Monica is very very very cool, as is her tiny hairless dog (which I will abduct), Miriam's a star and, well that's it cuz they're back now. I also love Michael Jackson!!!! :x

EDIT (a full day later...) squiZZ



Posted by: Lo at Fri January 2, 2004 12:37

So when will the video entry be up?
COME BACK HOME, btw! The internet is dull and boring without any updates from you.

Posted by: Vega at Fri January 2, 2004 19:23

Video entry will be up when I get home, so Sunday.


Posted by: Clarissa at Fri January 2, 2004 19:54

Mel be sick.... again!

And YAY!!! at video entry!!!!

Posted by: Mel at Sat January 3, 2004 2:03

LOL @ funny keyboard!!

Me loves Michael Jackson too!

Posted by: Sinead at Sat January 3, 2004 17:06

mir misses wam and squiZZ!

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun January 4, 2004 3:42

oh, even forgot to change name... *ahem*

Posted by: miriam at Sun January 4, 2004 3:43

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun January 4, 2004 4:15