Friday December 26, 2003

Update - random shit

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Yeah so there's all sorts of stuff, but nothing in particular. I'm still Robbie-crazy, as there seems to be SO much of him on E4 these days... right now I'm watching (and recording) the very concert I attended in Cologne in 2001 - very exciting!! Was a fucking great performance! Robbie tape and DVD shall be taken to Norway to drool over in female unison. =P~

Yeah so one day and a bit until Oslo. :D :yay :D I did some more packing today - for Brighton, not for Oslo. Things are taking shape. Didn't do much else, just the usual tellywatching and onlinesurfing. Most of the shows that were on today I'd seen before :((, except one Simpsons episode (quite funny so that made up for the rest).

Hum yeah. So MJ is giving an interview on CBS on Sunday, and they've rescheduled their Number Ones Special, the fickle sods. I mean it's good, but it's so sad too. As soon as the mood changes, the media jumps on the fucking bandwagon. Am looking forward to the Interview tho - not that I'll be seeing it until I get back. I hope he won't talk rubbish and compromise himself. :|

OK thassit. Bored of updating now. Back to drooling at Robbie.


>>Yeah so one day and a bit until Oslo.


you know on the live cd, during Mr Bojangles, where he goes "are you cryin'?" to someone in the audience and then goes "awwww..." that is SO sweet!! (just had to say...)

Posted by: miriam at December 27, 2003 03:42 AM

I know, isn't he adorable? The best bit is before She's The One tho, where he talks to this cute couple in the 1st row... is that on the CD? I HAVE to get the Live in Knebworth DVD...

Posted by: Clarissa at December 27, 2003 12:45 PM