Wednesday December 24, 2003

Weblog Observations

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It's Christmas Eve, everything's dead online of course cuz people are supposed to be celebrating... I'm done reading the diaries of my friends, still bored, so I've decided to do some random surfing starting from squiZZexits and Gigapxl. I shall share my amazing discoveries with you... for instance that Chris has the most amazing eye colour and generally quite cute (but of course gay). He also likes My So-Called Life (Kal, you should check him out - tho he's taken).

His boyfriend Joe went to see Placebo (twice), but I'm not jealous cuz I'll see them again too. Weird how all these people have Livejournals and seem to live near each other. My real life friends ain't that cool (guess that's why I have so many online ones, hehe). Oh and btw, MT have announced Movable Type 3.0. I'm quite excited about the changes in the comments feature. Woohoo!

Babsie got a really rather horrid necklace for Xmas (mehe, I hope she won't see me on her referrers and come here & read this :))). Lucia's necklace is nicer. Her site has an annoying full screen popup, but her layout features some cool people, e.g. MJ & JJ, Angelina, Winona (and also Johnny Depp, hehe). Lissy has an MJ poll on her site. No idea why, but most people think he's guilty.

OK bored now. May try to be creative today. I've actually read my cam's manual - finally - but already forgotten half of it again. (| Check out the Xmas present I got from my mum. (hehe ok, plus a rather expensive Lara checkup incl. 2 new tyres...). Byeee!


I can't see what you got off mum. But...Merry Christmas!!

Posted by: Jar Jar at December 24, 2003 02:26 PM

Can't? Refresh... I had the wrong URL at first.
Merry Xmas to you too!

Posted by: Clarissa at December 24, 2003 02:46 PM

Can see now!

Posted by: Jar Jar at December 25, 2003 12:38 PM