Monday December 15, 2003

The Demo... and so on

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Still in Brighton, tho probably leaving tomorrow unfortunately. I need to get that stuff done for the flat (references and all), so I need to go home - unless I should get called for that interview, which is highly unlikely by now.

So yeah, yesterday we went to London as some of you may know, hehe, we got there a little late with the demo already on, but it was great fun. Well, I felt a bit inhibited at first I have to admit, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for chanting and stuff, anyway, soon enough RS78 wandered up to me and introduced herself, so I talked to her most of the time and we went to get food at Burger King, hehe. She's lovely, I'm glad I finally got to meet her (as we'd meant to in Nov. but couldn't in the end), and we had a great time. We went online to check up on Saddam news, and posted random stuff on various boards and blogs.

Um yeah by the time we got back most people had left, but we did meet a lot of funky people from the MJNI board still (for the 1st time I mean), eg Dave, Sez, Jenny, and some others which I can't remember. :)) We went on to the party venue, then left Daniel there in the queue to meet with Kate (uni friend of mine) and her bf Derek.

Went to a pub and got very drunk, hehe, the usual ey. It was much fun tho - first with Kate (usual "so what you been up to"), then by ourselves planning flat-related things (more about that in due course), then we rang the squiZZ and - yet again - talked random drunken crap to him (ok sometimes it was less random, but I think mainly it was crap. As far as I can remember. Which isn't much). Yeah then we moved on to a different pub, kept drinking (rang squiZZ again), found out Dangerous was on the juke box, programmed WYBT twice, took a pic of the album cover, er, can't-remember-what-else-we-did-probably-more-random-crap-interspersed-with-lesbo-action. :))

Eventually Daniel arrived with some more people in tow (incl. Simi who's blocked me on MSN so I don't like him anymore :P), anyway, we headed off to Victoria, left a lovely BML there all on her own cuz she didn't wanna come down to Brighton with us (waaaah:(( ), er, got on a very crowded train and came home. HOME! Yes indeed it is almost home for me now! :D :x

Yeah that was yesterday. Today we paid the deposit on the flat, met up with Chris, did some shopping, came home, went online, went to Sainsbury's, went online (that's now). Then we'll go home, cook (well I won't), eat & get drunk, spend time with Ilenia, Daniel's wonderful flatmate, then go to his room, watch Labyrinth, get more drunk, and eventually go to bed. Such is the plan. Woohoo! BML and her "free calls to o2" phone being gone, the squiZZ will be left in peace for once. :))

Fucking hell that was a long entry. :P


Are you moving to Kemp Town?? Que?

Posted by: Vega at December 16, 2003 04:05 AM

Hmmm...I remember somebody saying to me "Why do/did you get drunk so much in Rhodes?!" when I got back to Lux from Greece!

Now let me think, I can't quite recollect who it was...but todays entry has 4 references to being drunk & 1 to drinking. I have only 3 words for her...whoops, sorry I meant That Person: Black, Pot & Kettle.

You can put them in any order you want.

Posted by: Craig at December 16, 2003 06:49 AM

Vega - no it's all the way down to the Marina, I mean right OPPOSITE the Marina (but up on the "high" seafront bit), so I don't think it still counts as Kemp Town. The HOUSE we were gonna get was in Kemp Town.

Craig: one word (er, smiley) (and did I say that? Ah well, typical case of "do as I say, not as I do")

Posted by: Clarissa at December 16, 2003 11:43 AM

Hi Citz! Was a pleasure to meet you! You were just like I thought u would be. hehe

We gotta do this again...............


Posted by: Anne at December 16, 2003 12:51 PM

"BML and her "free calls to o2" phone being gone, the squiZZ will be left in peace for once"

apparently not!

Posted by: squiZZle at December 16, 2003 02:25 PM

The BML didn't not WANT to go back to Brighton at all! Was Citz's idea! Said was no point me staying, and I realised too there wasn't. Would have been hellish travelling...

Posted by: The BML at December 16, 2003 02:34 PM

>> You were just like I thought u would be.

I was? I actually thought you were more forward and loud.

>> apparently not!

>> Was Citz's idea!

Yes. And was reasonable, as said. But still depressing!

Posted by: Clarissa at December 16, 2003 10:27 PM