Saturday December 6, 2003

Half handwritten entry

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Yeah so here's a short entry written on the train (sorry for the handwriting, trains aren't easy to write on ok?!)..

And here's some more... yeah so I did finish Norwegian Wood. Interesting book, albeit a bit depressing... I did like Watanabe a lot tho. Strangely enough, he reminded me of Seb a lot. Lo doesn't agree tho. I liked the girls too. And also the atmosphere of the book, and the things they said. Just so sad that they almost all die. I mean, life isn't always like that, is it? (hehe, this was kinda like a private paragraph for lovely Lo. Could've told her in mail or PM, but this way the entry looks bigger, hehehe.)

OK so what else. Ah yes, my mum's gonna pay for my Lara's (muchly overdue) checkup as a Xmas present. Hooray. So no new Yumiko from her. I've kinda decided to just buy a new one anyway, who cares if I can't afford it. :| Will try to find one that's faster than my Yumiko - so no more Sony I guess? :-(

OK I've run out of things to say now. I know there was sth else... but as I'm stupid, forgetful, useless and have a muddled brain, I dunno what it was. Maybe I should do a new layout for this thing. But am not allowed to use squiZZpics so don't really know what to put. :-? (hehe, the near-obligatory squiZZmention was brought to you courtesy of the CitzObsession™. :P)

PS I've remembered what the other thing was: all the cool stuff I bought! Am quite chuffed about it. Will take a campic later. Maybe also proper pics if I can be bothered... I could keep editing this entry I guess? :P


Citz is back and finished Norwegian Wood.

Posted by: Lo at December 6, 2003 11:13 PM

Cuuuuuuute Lo!!!!!!

Posted by: Clarissa at December 6, 2003 11:30 PM