Wednesday October 22, 2003

In the Spotlight - Interview

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Sabrina Setlur is a German HipHop artist. I like her a lot, but that's irrelevant now. I came across this interview with her and she said some wise things, so I'd like to quote (& translate) them here. I'm quoting this in reference to Michael Jackson's situation.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What have you learnt from your relationship to Boris Becker for instance?

Setlur: This relationship was a very extreme experience for me. Suddenly I was all over the papers, not because of my job, but just because we were going out. I am used to dealing with the media, but this episode was a completely new experience for me. All of a sudden there were these things written about me that had nothing to do with my job. I was on tour, I was working with great artists - how come nobody wrote about that?
But all of a sudden there were these people rummaging around my personal life, questioning my friends - it frightened me a lot how far that went.
Also how unfairly you are suddenly treated. I seriously started to hate these people, I mean, I haven't killed or raped a child or anything like that. That has nothing to do with what you believe or what you live for. I just wanted to be left alone in the end.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did the fuss there was about you affect your relationship with him?

Setlur: I'm not so sure in hindsight. Back then I was mainly very pissed off with the people who encouraged and fueled this unfairness. I was aware that I was a person of public interest, but I hadn't expected this unbelievable hype and I couldn't deal with it. I wasn't aware of the consistency the media used in dealing with us. It just got on my nerves when I wanted to have some peace.
But I've made that experience now, it's now part of my past. I have since started analysing the press more. I just need to check the titles of the papers - I can classify it pretty well and I know what's wright and what isn't. I was wondering back then, when will someone I'm a drag queen or a guy or a transvestite.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How great was your feeling of powerlessness back then?

Setlur: Very big, it was frightening. But it also pisses you off. What annoyed me most of all was that my family & friends suffered a lot. I can deal with being kicked, I'm not that sensitive. But they should leave my family alone, that was definitely too much.

[...] While we're at it, and on a less serious level, she also said very clever things about the whole Popstars phenomenon (she's on the jury of one of the German shows), so I thought I might as well quote those too...

There were some people there [at the castings], that was competely unrealistic. You're sat at this table and wondering "doesn't this guy have friends or family who will advise him against making a fool of himself? We often felt like people were taking the piss, that's how bad some of them were. My parents would never have let me go to a talent show with such blatant lack of talent. But of course you also have to admire the courage of these candidates for facing so many viewers & cameras.


Yay. Back in business.

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