Wednesday October 22, 2003

Fucky Lucky

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LOL I know you don't say that. Sounds fun tho. Nicer than "fucking lucky", which I was gonna write originally. I like being able to swear on my diary.

I'm a bit confused at the moment, also the music is too loud. I've found my hifi remote tho. That's a good thing, at least I think so. I'm still listening to the Placebo album (cf entry below), same album for about the 5th time tonight. =P~

Yeah so anyway, this "I'm very lucky" entry is sth I've wanted to write for a while... it was originally inspired by sth my mum said... can't remember what, but it was all about how she can't at all relate to the sort of life I have. The MJ obsession of course, and the online thing, and the whole "freaky friends from weird places".... most of them much younger than I am (or in fact much older)... and travelling up and down the continent to visit friends and all that shit.

And I was thinking how, well, she must be either really stupid or plain jealous. Cuz, well, I've got all these amazing friends from near and far, and they're always within reach. I've been to countless exciting places, I've had people from all over the world visiting me... I know I can go to all sorts of places and crash on somebody's floor... I mean that's fucking cool right?

It is. And she can find my friends weird or freaky or too much this or not enough that, but I love them, and I feel veeery lucky for having them. They make me feel all special cuz they are amazing and they still care about me. I'm not sure if everyone has that feeling about their friends... judging by some of the entries on Grouphug there seem to be a lot of people who hate and despise their friends. Well I don't, I think they're bloody amazing, the whole lot of them, and I couldn't have found better ones if I'd paid money for them.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I rock cuz I have cool friends. And I don't give a fuck if people go 8-| at me cuz I'm a geek or an MJ fan or whatnot. And my mum blows for not getting me.


I feel the exact same way.

Posted by: miriam at October 22, 2003 04:45 PM

silly mother

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