Tuesday October 7, 2003

Skype: testers wanted!

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OK so Skype apparently is the next big thing in Internet telephony. It is based on the P2P system, it was invented by the same people who started Kazaa, and it's supposed to be good quality and all that. It looks like a little messenger and is very simple to use.

So I've just downloaded & installed it and I want people to call me so we can try it out! You can download it here (it says you need XP or Win 2000, but apparently it works on Win98 too. You need a microphone obviously). My username is clarissawam, so add me and ring me! :P Come on, you know you want to! :D


hehe, i'd read about that already a while ago, but not very ambitious to check it out, because i hate kazaa anyway.

Posted by: Michelle at October 8, 2003 07:38 AM

You should really throw kazaa for good and use DC++. Its a little more complicated, but MUCH better.

I downloaded that Skype thing and tried it with Paul, but the sound would break now and then, so I uninstalled it and I'll continue using MSN, cause that works better, and has got a video image too. Clarissa, do you ever use MSN for sound and video when you talk with friends?

Posted by: Vega at October 8, 2003 07:53 AM

You're gonna have every wackjob stumbling upon this page adding you now

Posted by: The BML at October 8, 2003 10:41 AM

*agrees with Vega* dc++ is SO much better.
mir spoke to citz! *dancing around*

Posted by: miriam at October 8, 2003 03:12 PM

I don't get DC++ Maybe I'm too thick. Get a 403 forbidden when trying to access the hublist and that's it. *ahem*

And no I've never really used MSN for audio, only Yahoo. Seb also told me that it was better quality. Will try it soon.

Hehe @ Mir

Posted by: Clarissa at October 8, 2003 04:52 PM

I need a good hublist! can you guys tell me about one?? Clarissa- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout. it makes me smile!

Posted by: Kal at October 9, 2003 03:30 AM

Ha ha Kal you are funny! Didn't I mention I don't even GET DC++?
Hm ok, try this anyway.

Posted by: Clarissa at October 9, 2003 11:40 AM

has anyone actually used skype on win98(se)?

nice site,

Posted by: carsten at November 7, 2003 02:49 PM