Sunday August 17, 2003

Speech Accents

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Just found this, it's very interesting and a lot of fun at the same time. The Linguistics Dept at George Mason Uni have collected a Speech Accent Archive, with people from different backgrounds reading the same sample text. They have 264 samples so far.

The Ewe guy is the cutest. He's literally singing it. Immediately puts you in a good mood.
Kiswahili accent is always cute (I used to live with a girl from Kenya in my 1st year).
I like Mandarin speakers too. I've come across a lot of these at uni.
Here is an example of an extreme German accent, whereas this is kinda Americanised (that's a problem with a lot of them actually).
Latvian is cute too. I have another cUUUte sample of Latvian English, hehe.
You can also get macintoshian. *lol*

You also have to check out the Native English speakers.
The Tennessee guy for a pure Southern US accent.
The Glasgow guy for cute funnyspeak. :P
The Mississippi guy turns the red bags into plastic bags. *lol*

There are a lot more interesting ones. I'd provide them with a Luxembourgish accent, but I don't think they'd like mine. Could ask my mum to read it for them. *g*


No one likes my accents

Posted by: Clarissa at August 17, 2003 03:24 PM

Some people have slow computers and not broadband you know

Posted by: Jar Jar at August 17, 2003 06:38 PM

they are TINY files!!!

Posted by: Clarissa at August 17, 2003 06:40 PM

>>I have another cUUUte sample of Latvian English, hehe.

I wanna hear

Posted by: squiZZle at August 18, 2003 05:21 PM


Posted by: Clarissa at August 18, 2003 05:40 PM

LOL...I'm a Southerner (East Texas) and the Mississippi and Tennesee guys sound *so* GWTW to me, LOL. I guess it's because of the variety of accents in my home state that throws me off.

Posted by: Meredith at September 18, 2003 07:27 PM