Tuesday August 12, 2003

Clarissa's back home... no more BML :(

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So, home again after a full 12 days in the UK. My longest holiday in ages :-) My Lara did 2183km around the South of England, and I travelled by plane, train, bus and car on this trip. Only ships missing, which is good cuz I get seasick on ships.

Yeah so apparently I have to do an Edinburgh entry and all that... well if you want to know what we did, all you have to do is read Me BML's Diary, hehe. And hopefully one day soon J will update too? /:) *hehe*

Yeah so what can I add to BML Me's account...
1. Greg DOES look like Shrek! (ok ok, he doesn't)
2. J is gooooorgeous!!!
3. Saturday was HOT HOT HOT but Sunday was kinda ok *lol*
4. Edinburgh is very cool, but has too many hills. Steep hills!
5. LOTS of people cuz of the festival!
6. Er, that's it. *lol*

I do have pictures of course, and may upload some of them at a later date. Am allowed to show one of J and Darina sat in a bath soaking their feet, so here you go! :)) Anyone care to see some sights? Cemeteries? Churches?

Right, yeah, so now I'm back home, I miss BML Me (who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth - aaaah no she hasn't! *phew* Is ill tho, poor thing :-(). It's hot of course, and I am kinda tired. Am picking up Katja & Tobias in 2hrs tho, and tonight we're off to see Placebo and drool over Brian Molko (well, Katja and I will). YAY!! Am also currently trying to win tickets for the Lara Croft premiere on Wednesday. Wonderful Martine has won 2 for me already, but we need another pair of course as there's 3 of us. No luck so far.

Ah did I mention I met a cute & nice guy on my way home? See, my Lara was dripping so I got worried, and my mum suggested I go to a service station and ask. So I did and asked everyone if they knew stuff about cars. The first guy didn't, but the 2nd did (and was UK guy too), so he came and looked and said it was ok, was cuz of the A/C (aha. You learn sth new everyday), and we got chatting, he said his name was Prince (me of course: "wow, same as MJ's son!" :))), and he was from London, so I said I was moving to London in January, so he got my number now. :P I said he should text me his... will let you know if he does. :D

Er yeah that's it. Must still unpack my Lara to be able to fit T&K in, hehe. I've bought 15 bottles of traditional lemonade btw. :D And I'm hot. *sigh* It will get cooler tho they say! *phew* Oh BTW, I may not update for a while now as I have guests. May give you a Placebo report tho. Wonder if I should take my camera...


*chokes on Strepsil* Awwwwwww Citz Meeeee

*cough* Ooooh has hot date! *lol* Reet-reew! *sneezes*

PS. Seeeeeeend piiiiiics! Must approve! *lol*

PPS. So you're going to see Angelina?! When? *splutter*

PPPS. LMAAAAAAAAAAO @ J & Darina pic!!! Kyooooooooot!

PPPPS. Hmmm, don't think Greg's gonna like that bit! (I need to say " " too. Is habit now.)

PPPPPS. *splutter choke wheeze*

Posted by: The BML at August 12, 2003 12:38 PM

Aaaawwwwww poor BML Me
Dunno yet about Angelina. Have just missed 1st chance. Didn't even get thru WANT those tickets!
Is on Thursday btw.

Posted by: Clarissa at August 12, 2003 01:07 PM

Haha, we gotcha back! More updating again!
Ah, I'm jealous, you sure had lots of fun with all your friends, sounds like it, and the picture of J and Darina looks funny already.

Posted by: Michelle at August 12, 2003 01:14 PM

"Greg DOES look like Shrek!"

Ah... the myth has been confirmed.

I'm certain there are no pics of me, but i'm kinda like this -

Ahem... yes.

Oh... and hello there Citz.


Posted by: scottishmjguy at August 12, 2003 01:17 PM

LOL there ARE no pics of you Greg

Hey Michelle! Thanks for the invitation!

Posted by: Clarissa at August 12, 2003 01:44 PM

Common sense told you not to take pics!

Fear of breaking the lens and all...


Posted by: scottishmjguy at August 12, 2003 01:59 PM

Posted by: The BML at August 12, 2003 02:03 PM

meh heh! Me and D look so funny!

oh yeah....update......


Posted by: J of Invincibleness at August 12, 2003 03:24 PM

Posted by: Clarissa at August 12, 2003 05:30 PM

Welcome back! I wish you were still in London when I get there.:(

Posted by: RS78 at August 12, 2003 05:32 PM

*runs in* It's updated *runs out*

Posted by: J of Invincibleness at August 12, 2003 06:00 PM

Wooooooooh! @ nice guy! Well done, girl!
LOL - will you bring a camera with zoom, so you can zoom into Brian's neck??

J actually looks nice, I never saw her before. That's a great pic! LOL Sooo funny.
Hills? Nooo! :(

Posted by: Sinead at August 12, 2003 08:17 PM

J be Officially Kyoot Sinead, didn't ya HEAR me girl?!

Posted by: The BML at August 12, 2003 09:05 PM

Thankee @ Anne!! Yeah it's such a shame we'll miss each other in London but maybe you'll come over again? Would love to meet you

HOORAY @ J! Kyoot entry! (oops, BML speak)

LOL @ Sinead, no I didn't take cam cuz I was afraid I'd lose it. Got close enough to Brian to drool at the neck anyway

Posted by: Clarissa at August 13, 2003 12:17 AM

:"> :"> :"> *giggles like a wee girl* hee hee

Posted by: J of Invincibleness at August 13, 2003 10:30 AM

Posted by: Clarissa at August 13, 2003 01:21 PM