Tuesday July 1, 2003

Seriously screwed up

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sleeping pattern! I just woke up... I think I must have gone to bed around 8pm. I remember I'd just been to the petrol station to get some sweets I was craving and decided to lie down and read a little... now it's past midnight and I'm wide awake, hooray! *lol*

Actually that's not true, I'm not that awake at all, I reckon if I went back to bed now I'd fall asleep again pretty soon, so I think I'll do just that. Must first eat the melon my mum left me at the PC. How cute of her. LOL she musta thought I was mad when she saw me sleeping at 8.30 or whenever she came upstairs. Tho she's kinda used to seeing me in bed at any time of the day. She's even stopped making comments :P

Good thing is it's July now. New month. The month my holidays start. In fact today a week will be my last school day. Hooray. Craig's coming again tomorrow. My room's a tip as usual, but good thing is, he said he couldn't believe this would shock him so I'm allowed to leave it as it is - I know he will be shocked, but since he wanted it that way, what can I do. *giggle*

K I'm off. Fascinating update this, uh? Sorry I don't have anything interesting to talk about. I used to write these long essays about issues, it's weird, I just can't be bothered anymore. I don't feel strongly enough about anything at the moment. Too lazy to even feel anything :P ... and back to bed she goes.