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Placebo and Alsace
Fri, Aug 18 2006 @ 08:49   //   Category: Life & Me   //   5 comments

So. Another travel report. I went to Colmar (Alsatia) to see Placebo. I also visited Strasbourg again. And I had a great great great time, and you shall hear about it!!! :D

Pics are here. (I was gonna integrate them in the entry but there are too many and I'd rather have them bigger)

First off I have to say I was very unprepared - I hadn't looked up how to get from the airport to Strasbourg, or from Colmar centre to the concert venue, so I had to ask scary people and all.... but everyone was very cute and helpful. :D (even tho they were French - but Alsatians aren't real Frenchies, they're more like Half-Germans lol).

I went to the concert straight away (first bus then tram to Strasbourg, then train to Colmar, then bus to the expo lol). The concert was part of the annual Foire aux Vins which is really quite fun and crazy. Lots of wine, but also lots of other things.

Anyway. The concert. OH MY GOD. It was the best concert ever ever ever. Everything was perfect! Let me enumerate:
1. I had the perfect spot. Right in front of Brian as usual, and pretty early on I managed to fight my way to the front so that I only had 3 girls in front of me, and all shorter than me. :D
2. The crowd was amazing. They were a bit lethargic at first, but then they warmed up and were just the right kind of crazy. Enough for me to partaay, but not so much it was scary/dangerous. I love French crowds. :x
3. I did not need to pee, I did not have a cumbersome bag, it was not too hot, and I had water to drink. These things matter. A lot.

And so it was perfect. It was 90mins of pure ecstasy. It was incredible. I wish it had never ended. It was... there are no words for it. It was just wow.

Brian didn't speak much, and well yes he has a shaved head (eek), but his performance was great and hey, he was there right in front of me to drool at!!! Stefan was rather fun too - I have decided to get over my prejudices of him (they're really just squi's fault) because Stefan is really not so bad-looking (he has a cute pout not unlike Toma's, and a nicely chiseled jaw, hehe), and he can be pretty entertaining.

The warm up act (Mademoiselle K, French) was very fun too. Oh, and they (Placebo, not Mademoiselle K) did some shots for their new video (Meds) so who knows, I might make an appearance again. :)) No red hair this time tho...

Ok finally, have some pictures.

Many people! (10,000 apparently)

Red Brian. Bald Brian. *sigh*

Bald smoking Brian.

Katja says he looks like Billy Corgan...

... and I totally see it now.

Byebyeeee! *sob*

So that was the concert. The next day I was going to go straight back to Strasbourg cuz Colmar seemed confusing, but then I saw a postcard of a cute house at the hotel reception, so I asked how to get there (take note! I was talking to people again!) and the lovely lady gave me a map and drew a whole walk I should do to see all the pretty stuff. :D

So this I did. It started raining, so I bought an umbrella. As soon as I had done this it stopped raining and it was sunny and nice (and eventually very hot) for the rest of the day, even tho the forecast had been rain. *lol* Colmar was indeed very pretty. So check out pics.

Theeeen I went to Strasbourg. I hadn't been in ages. I was there for quite a few days once (in 1997 apparently) as a nurse for my dad who'd broken his hip (he used to have a job with the Council of Europe). I also went for a day trip once with Charlotte. And I'd been as a child. But this was all many years ago. However I still recognized a lot of it. Other parts I'd never seen before.

I had about 6 hours there. I mainly walked around, spent some time at the cathedral, went to find the hotel my dad and I stayed at, walked up the cathedral tower (330 steps! ugh), and did a little bit of shopping. Now check out pics as they will give you all the detail. *lol*

The End. :-)

People say...

Wooooow @ PRETTY pictures

Posted by: Dee on Fri August 18, 2006 at 19:18

I hate walking up the Strasbourg cathedral. I've done it twice already, had forgotten the second time how much I'd disliked it the first time, but will not forget about that again, hehe.

Posted by: stagiaire on Fri August 18, 2006 at 19:59

SO true about the peeing/water/bag thing. I love awesome concerts, but its always sad when they have to finish. Can't they just play forever?!?

I love how much you travel, its fucking brilliant. If I ever live in the UK/Europe I hope I can see as many places as you. Australia is great, but fly in a plane for 3 hours and you are still in Australia.

Posted by: snow on Sat August 19, 2006 at 1:23

@ Snow

Posted by: Dee on Sat August 19, 2006 at 14:03

Lucky cow, I hate you (well I don't really)

Ew, what's he done to his hair???? Me no likey!

Posted by: J on Sat August 19, 2006 at 21:49