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Norway report
Mon, Aug 14 2006 @ 20:21   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates   //   9 comments

First off, pics are here.

Secondly, have a shortish report (damn I never manage to keep these things short :)))... I'll link to relevant pics in the entry I guess. But there are more pics (97 in total) so view them all!

What we did

Sooo the reason we (Jimmy and I that is) went to Norway was to drive to Steinkjer with Mon and help her view possible accomodation and decide which one to get. We didn't do too well with the deciding but we did help driving and... we viewed. :D

I got there Monday evening. :x Mon :x picked me up (I had to call her cuz fucking mobiles didn't fucking work, I fucking hate fucking providers) and we drove to her place, went shopping on the way, did some.... stuff once we got home... and after a while I found out I'd lost my UK SIM card. :|

So I made her drive back to Lillestrøm (train station, 30min drive) in the faint hope it would be there, on the ground... and it was!!!!!! :o :D This was very amazing. :D I also found out after some testing that I could send texts from my Lux mobile (except to people in Norway 8-|), and receive texts on my UK one. lol

Tuesday we did little... well, we watched lots of DVDs (Narnia cast commentary, Harry Potter, Shrek, Corpse Bride), and Mon set up the tent in her living room. We packed and... talked? Did stuff. I had a Mon! :x Then we slept. Wednesday we got up sorta early (well, early for us) aaand drove to Gardermoen to pick up Jimmy. He was delayed, but we knew cuz we checked the Continental website, cuz we rock! :D

Jimmy had a very very big bag, and a smaller bag, but it still all fit in the car. Everyone was tired, but especially Jimmy cuz he had not slept. At all. So he wasn't allowed to drive. So I drove. Steinkjer is 600km from Gardermoen btw. It rained at some point. We listened to music. Jimmy and I talked. Mon slept. Jimmy couldn't sleep.

Then I was tired so Mon drove. I slept. I missed the pretty parts in the mountains. Then we took a break and I took some pics. Then Jimmy drove. Then we took another break somewhere no one remembers the name of and ate a big pizza. The waiter was annoying. Mon called people. The shopping centre where we peed had pics of Paris and New York. This seemed somewhat meaningful to me.

I think I drove after that. We argued for a while about where to sleep - hotel, hytte or tent... and we drove into Trondheim and tried to find a hotel (Jimmy had to ask cuz we're all cowards) but they were all booked up. So we drove on, and off at the first sign of a camping place, and they didn't have hytter free, so we had to sleep in a tent, despite poor Jimmy's reluctance because he had, you know, not slept the night before.

Sleeping in a tent was kinda fun, except my mattress was broken so I had to blow it up a few times during the night. With my mouth cuz we had no pump. And there were scary monsters (daddy longlegs and stuff). And it got very hot in the morning. But apart from that it was fun. Theeeen we drove on to Steinkjer. Who drove? I can't remember. I think first Mon did. Then she got very tired and we stopped at a water place, at the fjord... and went in the water and there were scary crabs. Lots of fun pics tho.

After that I drove and Mon slept and got a phonecall from scary guy from one of the places and he was to meet us at the Shell station. So he did. And we followed him to his biiiig house in the middle of nowhere. He was driving very fast. :)) The house was fucking massive, 3 floors, with a big family living in it and stuff. It was very fun tho, but very scary cuz in the middle of nowhere. Tho Mon found that very appealing. But I didn't.

And the people were scary and Jimmy and I imagined how the guy was killing and slaughtering Mon and we even heard a chainsaw, but in the end she turned up whole again. :D So we drove back to Steinkjer and decided to find somewhere to stay. We made Mon call places and found a room. And we found INTERNET!!! At the tourist information place! It was very useful! And I found out about terror panic! *lol* And Mon called more house people and so before we went to the hotel we went to see another house. A cute one.

Then we were exhausted so went to the hotel and relaxed. Well they did, I was kinda hyper so after unpacking the car I went for a walk. But the surroundings of the camping place were very boring. No idea why people would wanna go there repeatedly (and there clearly were regulars).

Then we went to see another place, a close one, and then we went into Steinkjer for dinner, and you see there was a fair going on so we explored that and Mon spent loads of money on those evil evil penny arcade machines (I spent some but managed to restrain myself, for I have my gambling habit completely under control - unlike some people apparently), then we went for a walk through the street market (there was loads going on, we had chosen a great time to go to Steinkjer!) and then had dinner at pizza place.

Some people at the pizza place tried to get away without paying. Some biker guy and a posh woman. This amused us. The waiter ran after them and so they had to pay. Anyway. Then it was cold so we went back to our room and... slept I think?

Next day we... took our time and stuff, went online and to the devil machines again and shopping (Mon bought four tops!! but they were cheap). We were meant to see another place after 6 so had some time to kill and were gonna go racing but we took so long doing nothing much that it was too late. So instead Mon and Jimmy went to sit under a tree and I walked around Steinkjer and took pics of places.

Then we went to see last place with very chatty woman and pushy golden retrievers and theeeen we started driving back. To other camping place we (um, Mon) had found earlier at the cute tourist info place (we saw pretty sunset). Tourist info place was generally very marvellous, the guy let us print out Jimmy's boarding passes for his flights (but he still missed his connection in Newark. Jimmy, not Steinkjer tourist guy) and I spent ages there checking news and friends' sites.

Last camping place was chosen largely because it was very close to Trondheim airport. It was deserted ! We had a cute little hytte... apart from the scary monsters, and the horrible mattresses. We were tired so went to supermarket in nearby town to buy food then ate at home. Mon made BBQ.

Next morning we had to get up very early cuz we had to leave at 7am for Jimmy's flight. :| So we drove to Værnes and Jimmy left. :(( And we drove on home. Well I drove. Mon was very tired and slept. At Trondheim I stopped to see the pretty cathedral and stuff. It was very cool. I learned lots of things cuz I tagged on to other people's guided tours! We also saw the Norway headquarters of Yahoo.

I didn't miss the mountains this time (cuz I was driving you know) and they were very beautiful. I sorta wanted to stop but the road was so nice and clear and I was scared to be stuck behind a caravan of slow cars if I stopped. So I didn't. :| I sorta regret that now. :))

But we stopped later for pretty bluegreen water!!!! And walked around and took loads of pics! :D And then we drove on, till Lillehammer, where we had a lunch break thing, and I swam in my clothes, and from then on Mon drove, and we got home sooner or later.

Yeah... that was kinda it. We watched Shrek 2, and then on Sunday we watched Madagascar (which made me sad cuz NYC and all), and then I had to leave. :(( Trip home the usual nightmare (don't you love Heathrow) - our luggage was 90mins late out of the airplane (wtf?) and we were stuck in the baggage reclaim area, and I had nooo money so ended up exchanging 60 Swedish Kroner for £2.61 (a complete ripoff) just so I could get change for a Coke. :|

Got back to Brighton at half eleven. The end.

How I felt yada yada

I had all sorts of deep thoughts about "how I felt" and all when I was on the bus yesterday but most of them escape me now (I really should write things down, but I had no pen or nuthin).

I do know I was very happy for a week. I was kinda scared going cuz on my way there I was very not happy and thought "wtf has Mon let herself in for, she found me hard to bear last time, what's she gonna think this time, I hope I can pull myself together" etc. And it was also scary cuz not seen her in almost a year etc etc.

But I was very very very happy. I had my Mon back!!! And it was all so... "as it should be" in a... weird way. Well not really weird. But so familiar. And then Jimmy arrived too and tho I should feel like the odd one out or sth, and I always get superfreakedout about "threesomes" (not in a sexual way, you know what I mean), I didn't at all, and it was very wonderful, they were/are both very wonderful. :D

I had a crying moment on the way back while listening to Queen's Friends Will Be Friends (Mon was asleep and doesn't know about this... well now she does), but a very good crying moment. I had some "omg I have her back I wanna squeeze her" moments but restrained myself lol. I also had a slightly sadder moment when we listened to Maria Mena's Miss You Love... but still a good sad moment cuz I HAVE HER BACK!! and that's all that counts. :D

Yeah. I'm pretty sure I had more thoughts yesterday but... they're gone now. Apologies to anyone I annoyed with my "waaah Mon, it all sucks, it's fucked for good this time" complaints. ;;) And lol @ everyone who went "8-| told you so". We really thought this was it tho. And... yes. Norway is beautiful. :D

PS Mon has decided!!!! :D (the third place in case you care)

People say...

So we drove, then I went to sleep, then he went to sleep, then she went to sleep, then I drove, then she did, then he did... Haha, exciting.

BTW I want you back, too.

And nice pictures of nature stuff.

Posted by: stagiaire on Mon August 14, 2006 at 22:14

You have me back.

Posted by: Clarissa on Mon August 14, 2006 at 22:19

Ooooh stagiare is Jimmy!!! *lol* Never got that before.

Nidarosdomen reminds me of Arc de Triomphe

Cuuuuuuuuute Mon!!!

YAY Narnia!!

Pretty, pretty Norway. I wanna go there one day

Posted by: BML on Mon August 14, 2006 at 22:37

LMAO @ stagiaire is Jimmy. What makes you think that? Jimmy's at work now. And that sounded nothing like Jimmy.

And I'm sorry but Nidaros cathedral is about 100,000 times more beautiful than the Arc de Triomphe.

Cute Mon indeed.

And yeah you should go to Norway, it's very beautiful. Maybe you could visit Miriam?

Posted by: Clarissa on Mon August 14, 2006 at 22:50

Well, I want you back like... come back to my citaaay!

Posted by: stagiaire on Tue August 15, 2006 at 0:31

Hey hey.

I really enjoyed reading your report.

And so many nice pictures! I'm so glad you took them, so I can
always remember our trip.

It was special.

Posted by: jimmy on Tue August 15, 2006 at 3:31

Aaaah @ stagiaire. Well... some day soonish! Besides you were meant to come here

@ (the real) Jimmy. I will try to send you the pics soon

Posted by: Clarissa on Tue August 15, 2006 at 7:48

Me wanna go back to norway after seeing the amazing pics

Posted by: Dudie on Thu August 17, 2006 at 19:38

Well I'm not an expert on the way Jimmy speaks... I thought because she said "I want you back too" it was Jimmy saying he missed you.

Posted by: BML on Thu August 17, 2006 at 20:38