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Fri, Jul 21 2006 @ 05:57   //   Category: Life & Me   //   5 comments

So. New York is fabulous. I remember writing very similar entries when I was here 14 months ago, and this is great for two reasons:
i) I still love this place. I can still get excited over walking through the streets of this city and marvelling at the amazingness of it. This is important to me.
ii) I am in love with a place I am actually able to visit. Yes it's far and expensive, but it could be worse. I could be in love with Phnom Penh or something.
So I am glad. Very glad. I love New York. I love to love New York.

But I promised you an entry about... things. So I will do that now. With pictures. Enjoy.

So first there was P!nk. I have to tell you some more about it, cuz it's so fun and exciting. Basically we had this thought when we came up here "well she's on tour, she was in DC just now, maybe she'll be in NYC next" - we were really just kinda joking... but then we went online from Starbucks and checked and she fucking was!!!! So we went on Craigslist and emailed some people that had tickets, but didn't hear back from them so we were sad.

And then the next day I went back online and one of the guys had emailed me and I called him and he still had tickets and he was selling them at face value so I arranged to meet him at Union Square and OMG it was so fucking exciting!!! It was just unreal! So we went to see her again.

The setlist was exactly the same, and even a lot of her announcements and jokes were, but the concert in general was a lot more fun. Part of this was undoubtedly cuz at the DC one I kinda had an upset stomach and was worried for a while I might pass out, which this time wasn't an issue. Also we were slightly tipsy, which always makes for a more intense experience (I cried during Family Portrait *ahem*).

The venue was somewhat smaller, and we had a much better view (well I did. Charlie's tall so he had a more acceptable view in DC too). We were closer too tho, so pics turned out ok this time. And well, she seemed more energetic too and just more fun. Oooh and she was wearing green!!!! Well, she wears this dress with accessories... in DC they were orange, this time they were green. =P~ So now's the time for some pics...

Oh yeah and her mum was in the audience. As was Rosie O'Donnell. Which is funny. Suddenly there was this talk around us "look look" etc, she was behind us up on the balcony, so like a whole lot of people turned around and stared at her etc, and she ended up waving (at Charlie, according to Charlie :)))... I had some vague feeling that I'm not supposed to like her, I think she said sth stupid about MJ? I can't remember what it was, but I do remember it was really stupid. Bitch.

So yeah P!nk was great. We love P!nk. Now I won't see her til October, and it will be seated, but at least I'll see her again. :x Unlike Charlie. :wh

Ok next is the hotel room. I have to show you our hotel room cuz it's so incredibly fucking amazing. This was another thing I booked/arranged when I went online from Starbucks (with Charlie back at the hotel). We had to book something cuz things don't exactly get cheaper and well, ja. And I saw this cool hotel and it was a special internet offer, and it had free wifi, I mean come on, what more do you need? I was a bit scared to tell Charlie cuz it was a bit more expensive than the first one etc, but I kinda had all my excuses/justifications ready etc. He didn't kill me. :D

So. We moved into the new hotel this morning and OMFG! It's called The Pickwick Arms yeah? Like some UK country B&B or sth? Well it's geek heaven!!! It's fucking amazing. We could barely tear ourselves away. Check this:

Yes a flatscreen TV. Yes an iPod dock. We were smitten. :x =)) And of course there's the above mentioned WiFi (which is how I am updating now.. obviously). Then also there is the view. I've never had a room with a view in NYC ever. It's always been a brick wall or inside court or whatever. Well check this shit!!!!!!!

=P~ =P~ =P~ I could just sit at the window and stare outside. Actually I do. I love New York. :x

So yeah the room is very cool. It also has a sliding bathroom door that doesn't close properly, and a window between bathroom and bedroom (wtf?!), which allows for little privacy and led to aaaaalll sorts of disgusting and immature faecal jokes earlier today. We were pissing ourselves laughing for two hours straight, and I am pretty sure daniel and Lo have a very very low opinion of us right now. But OMG it was hilarious!!!! =))
To illustrate our point: a pic of Charlie "shitting" taken from the bedroom (and no it's not a fucking mirror!!)

Ahem. *composes self* (mphhhaaahahahaha). Ok. We went to Staten Island today. It was kinda boring, but mainly cuz we had no fucking clue what we were doing. :)) :wh

To round this off I shall delight you with some pics of my Charlie. I was gonna show you NYC pics too but can't be bothered now. So have Charlie instead. There's New York on some of these pics too.

This is the one I didn't show earlier. Have had permission now.

This is at the Royal Tenenbaum's House. Mhm.

Us somewhere in Harlem.

Charlie on his own at the same place... St Nicholas Park, ja.

Charlie and a Coke bottle at South Street Seaport.

Charlie leaning out the window of our cool hotel room.

Threatening to jump from the 10th floor. Luckily he didn't. :D

On the Staten Island ferry with tiny Liberty.

People say...

I WANT TO MEET THE CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!! (PS: More constipated face pics please)

Grrrrr @ NYC pics - They look great! *sells body to pay for trip*

BTW: Is the Statue of Liberty REALLY that small?? Pffft.. So we'ved been misled the whole time??

Posted by: Mel on Fri July 21, 2006 at 8:32

That's so cooooool!

I knew they've got all kinds of crap in US hotels. It's just always fun to see what new stuff they've got in the USA that we're probably never ever gonna see in Europe.

And @ twice Pink.

Posted by: stagiaire on Fri July 21, 2006 at 11:04

*buys Mel's body*
And no, Liberty isn't that small, Charlie is that tall! Amazing uh?

Stagiaire, I've never had fancy stuff in US hotels. Have had wifi in Europe before, but not here... guess I just usually go to shitty hotels here.

Posted by: Clarissa on Fri July 21, 2006 at 12:57

How cooooool! Yay for Pink too!

Boo Rosie O'Donnell!

I'm not jealous.



Posted by: The BML on Fri July 21, 2006 at 15:36


Posted by: Clarissa on Fri July 21, 2006 at 16:06