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Bigass questionnaire!!
Wed, Mar 08 2006 @ 17:58   //   Category: Memes   //   13 comments

[This one stolen from Michelle & translated/adapted. this was mostly done last night]

1) Would it annoy you if we asked you 497 more questions? I probably wouldn't bother then. I find 120 quite a lot already and am not sure if I'll answer all of them. I doubt anyone will read all of this either. :))

2) What's the colour of the phone in your room? Silver & black. as seen here (sorta. and check out the cute guy while you're at it :x).

3) What brand of tissues do you use? Whatever I find. Currently Boots own brand. They were on offer.

4) How old do you wanna be? (provided you're not killed in some sort of attack) That really really depends on how my life will evolve you know? I don't wanna get too old tbh (around 60?) but who knows, I may discover the meaning of life and want all the time in the world to enjoy it.

5) How many seconds did you take answering the first 5 questions? Seconds? More like minutes but I've been chatting and doing other stuff at the same time. And I have to translate it!

6) Turn your head up 50 degrees and 30 degrees to the right. What do you see? Goodness. You have a lot of faith in my approximations of degrees. I see curtain. And a bit of a Brian Molko poster.

7) What colour are the condoms you have hidden in your room? I have no condoms hidden in my room. Unless someone else has hidden them. It was you wasn't it? Where are they!?!

8) Who's the person you'd most wanna be kissed by right now? Angelina. Even tho she's a cow with a horrible taste in men. But oh how her lips make up for it...

9) Would you have sex with this person too? No I don't think so.

10) How would you react if your (girl)friend told you she wanted to sleep with you? (they mean female friend) "Thanks but no thanks". :))

11) If you had to take part in Tom Green's show what would you do? He's that annoying guy with the show on MTV? I dunno what the show's about exactly so I dunno, but my guess is I'd do anything to avoid being on the show.

12) How often have you heard No Woman No Cry? Goodness, countless times. At least 200 I'd say. The Fugees version live three times. :D

13) Why have you heard it so often? Because I'm a huge Fugees fan and because the original Bob Marley version is played a lot on radio and whatnot. And because there was a time when I was obsessed with the Fugees one so listened to it a lot.

14) Do you smoke (why)? No. Never appealed to me. It stinks. It's not nice. It makes you smell. It kills you.

15) What's your opinion of people who do weed? I don't really have a problem with them (less than with cigarette smokers - smells less bad!) but I'm not tempted myself.

16) What's the time now? Almost midnight.

17) What would you do if your best friend started smoking dope? It wouldn't bother me to be honest. :-? Nearly everyone did dope during my student years, a lot of people I know now still do. I don't tend to think of cannabis as the "inevitable stepping stone towards harder drugs", tho I do find it lame when people are stoned all day long.

18) Do you have a book explaining sex? If so, who did you get it from? Nope.

19) How did your parents tell you about sex? They didn't really tbh. That's not to say they were prudes, not at all, just that it all more or less explained itself... I honestly wouldn't know how I found out about it all, but there was definitely no "I need to tell you about the birds and the bees" moment involved.

20) What do you know about reduction of metal oxides? Exactly nothing. Am I supposed to? Will have to ask Katja. :))

21) What's heart transplant in English, French, Spanish? Um yeah, heart transplant. greffe du coeur. transplantación de corazón? =))

22) What's the 13th letter of the alphabet? (don't count!) I have nooo clue. I'll guess... L. Wow, very close! :D

23) How much credit do you have on your mobile? Loads cuz I just bought a new voucher cuz they had a 30% off offer at Co-op and then T-Mobile gave me an extra £4 on top of that! So £34 or something, and 316 free text messages! :D

24) Does your mum like grapefruits? Yes.

25) What's your dad's fave food? How embarrassing, I don't know. He used to like various... stuff. I know there were a few things he absolutely loved, but I can't remember. :-( Lobster would be one of them but there was other stuff.

26) Are you sure that the people you call mum and dad are really your parents? Well not as such. The person I called dad was my stepdad. But I do know that the person whose name I carry is my father, yes. And I also know my mum is my mum. Genetics is a great thing. *lol*

27) Which sport should be a national sport according to you? I don't give a flying fuck. How can people be interested in sport? (|

28) What would you say if your son or your daughter came to you one day and told you they were gay? :o Immaculate conception!!!! =))

29) Which parts of your body do you shave? *lmao* Depends on the time of year tbh. :)) I generally don't see why I should shave something no one will see anyway. :-?

30) How old are you in days? Woah. Roughly 10,360 days.

31) What's the time? Quarter past midnight.

32) What was the craziest idea you've had in your life so far? Different people would choose different things I guess. Maybe going to NYC for MJ MSG in 2001. Maybe buying my Prince in 2000 even tho I had no money & no job and had a pony already. Maybe thinking I could be a teacher in Luxembourg. Maybe meeting/staying with countless online friends, any of which could've killed me or whatever. lol

33) Do you have a boyfriend? No.

34) Are you lovesick? No.

35) How big is your room/flat in sqm? No idea. Maybe I should measure it one day.

36) What's your favourite instrument? Hm. Depends tbh. In modern/pop music often piano, sometimes guitar... in classical music oboe & harpsichord perhaps. Tho harpsichord can be annoying. But I like piano concertoes less for instance.

37) What's your fave looroll brand? I use loopaper from the 99p shop and it's great!

38) How would you like to be buried? I will be cremated, but tbh I actually don't care at all. I will be dead!

39) How do you have your coffee? Hate the stuff. :|

40) Ever stolen anything? Ja.

41) If you were a permanent marker how thick would you be and what colour? Red. Fairly thick. *snigger*

42) What do you think of the Dalai Lama? I think he's very cute and I admire him, but his "people are intrinsically good" theory is not for me. :|

43) What resolution is your Desktop? 1152 x 864.

44) What's your average mark? Eh? No marks at the moment. I got a 2.1 on my BA and my MA, so let's call that my average. :-?

45) What colour's the car? Green :D (I wish)

46) How do you brush your hair? I don't. It's kinda short so I don't need to.

47) Which gel or make up brand do you use? Er. I have loads of different ones. My hair wax is Wella Shockwaves... my make up is.... seriously, so much different stuff I won't even start.

48) Which of your pens do you use most? At the moment I write my notes using a cheap Tesco Handwriting Pen.

49) If you could spend one day in the body of the opposite sex, what would you do? Kick myself in the balls to see how much it really hurts! :D (ok maybe not.) There's probably loads of stuff I would wanna try. But I guess most of it would be embarrassing so I'd end up not doing it! :)) I would definitely try the "peeing wherever you like without having to crouch down" thing tho (and would probably end up being arrested =))). And I'd probably have a whole load of fun being primitive and stuff! :D Oh oh and I'd put on eyeliner and take pics of myself! =P~ :)) Provided I was goodlooking. :P

50) What and who are you just thinking of? Well I've just used the words "eyeliner" and "goodlooking" together so obviously squiZZ! =P~ :)) Also Michelle cuz I am talking to her on her site, and Val cuz she just went to bed so I said goodbye to her.

51) Are we annoying you with our questions? No, otherwise I'd stop answering them.

52) How many hawaiian shirts does your family own? I can safely say, not a single one.

53) How many As are there on your jumpers/tops? Goodness, I don't know! I have so many tops with text. I'm not gonna start counting.

54) Do you have a... aha here's a translation problem. The original word means "someone looking after your soul", which really means "pastor" in practice, but that loses this particular "caring" notion... but anyway the answer is "no" :))

55) How much was your latest phonebill? I don't know, I don't check. I only get it quarterly and, well, I don't care. It's always high cuz I call abroad a lot, but I'm not that fussed. My phonebill's been high since I first moved to the UK in 1998, and it's certainly a lot lower now than it used to be.

56) What's your name if you swap the 1st letter with the 3rd letter and the 2nd with the 4th letter of your first name? Work it out.

57) Do you wear glasses? Yep. Recently started trying contacts again but I still find them uncomfortable - turns out I have "lumpy eyelids" - ha. Nice!

58) If so, what's your... thingy? (sorry, what's the word? the strength you know) -3.75 left, -5.00 right. Yes I'm as good as blind.

59) How much do you weigh in g? My scales are broken and tbh I don't care at the moment. But if I did know I woulnd't tell you. It's definitely too much.

60) Do you wear a necklace? Yep, three. A miniskull I bought in NYC, a silver coffin-with-skeleton I got from Ingmar, and an earthen-mask-type-thing I got as a leaving gift at work. Together they're so delightfully.... oh I can't quite describe it. "I wanna be cool & dark, but I don't wanna belong to any particular group, but I want you to wonder what makes me wear this type of stuff", and it's so cliché it's cool again. :))

61) What's your favourite piece of clothing? Well right now it's hard to tell cuz it tends to be my nice & warm stuff because of the freezing cold. Disregarding that... oh I don't actually know. I have a lot of nice clothes. :-)

62) What colour is your underwear? Currently wearing white knickers. I have various colours.

63) What kind of underwear do you wear? :-? Not lacy stuff, that's for sure. :))

64) Do you have a sixpack (tummy you know, not drink)? Ha! Certainly not! =))

65) Do you secretely wear big pink briefs? No I don't like pink, but I am really not fussed about my underwear. None of it is very sexy.

66) Who's Paul? (cf www.wer-ist-Paul.de) No idea, can't be bothered to check the site. :|

67) Have you ever blown something up? Nope.

68) What would you be called if you were a boy? Dunno.

69) How many spots (pimples) have you had? Eh? Loads.

70) What was the most annoying illness you've ever had? I've never had anything serious, so I'll have to say some stomach bug or other. Ha, lucky me. :D Oh I once had the flu when I wanted to go to a Max Goldt reading so I missed out on that. That did annoy me.

71) What's the full name of the schoolmaster of your school? Jeff Taylor. Well, he's the director of Hove College.

72) How much pocketmoney... skip :|

73) If you could choose your own name what would you call yourself? You know what, I don't know! I am so undecisive, it would take me months to decide, I would consider all sorts of different options and hate what I chose in the end anyway. I'm very glad someone else made the decision for me! :)) (and yes I know I called myself Clarissa but I don't think I'd choose that name in real life. I do like quite a lot of Jewish names, which is oh so ironic cuz my father has a "thing" about them and had my parents still been together when I was born I would've been called Rachel or Sarah)

74) Would you dye your hair pink for your boyfriend? Well I've had my hair more or less pink already. Disregarding the boyfriend thing, if one of my friends said I absolutely had to dye my hair pink or their family would disown them or whatever I wouldn't have that much of a problem with it. :))

75) Have you seen the Life of Brian? No. I've seen the beginning but I got bored. Sacrilege I know, especially as an Anglophile. *lol*

76) If so, how often? *sigh*

77) Which scene do you remember best? Can we move on now?

78) If your partner left you but you still loved them, what would you do? Haha (let's assume I had one here)... I don't know. That would depend on the circumstances of the split wouldn't it. I tend to be torn between extremes of pride and clinginess... but judging from past experiences with friends - if someone turns their back on me - bah, no, I can't answer the question. :| (I wouldn't beg tho!!!)

79) How long is your tongue in cm? Dunno.

80) Tell us your opinion about the following:
polonecks I like them in winter. Means you don't have to wear a scarf.
sex overrated, overblown. :))
learning can be fun, can be exhausting.
pokemon Pikachuuuuu!!! :x (yes I used to watch it)

81) Do you like S/M? Not particularly.

82) Do you have a Piercing? Ear.

83) Where would you like one? Nowhere in particular. I considered a nose one a while back but... not that fussed anymore.

84) Do you notice clothes brands on people? I do actually, just because it amazes me how much they seem to matter to other people and how fickle this whole fashion thing is. It's ridiculous!

85) How many belts do you own? None. Well, 1 or 2 that came with trousers I bought. Oh and one I had to use back when I did the riding stuff. I used to have more but I threw them all out a few years ago while I was cleaning up.

86) Describe yourself. Please not. :|

87) List all your relationships without skipping any. None! :D

88) How do you wanna earn money? I don't. I just wanna have money without having to do anything for it.

89) What's your motto? Don't think I have one. If I had one it would be evil and cynical. :))

90) If you created your own label, what would you produce? Software soft toys!! :D

91) Do you like grapefruit? No.

92) Do you drink alcohol? Yes.

93) After how many bottles of beer (0,5L) do you give up? Never tried it, I hate beer. And it depends on how much time you have etc doesn't it? Really can't judge since I've never "tested" the alcohol level in beer.

94) Ever had a blackout? No, not completely. I've had instances where it all ended up a bit of a blur or I couldn't remember some stuff... but never a "how did I get here, what am I doing here" moment. *lol*

95) If so, what did people tell you you'd done? There's some pics of our flatwarming party in 2004 that I can't remember... and no one has ever explained them to me! :(( And I've had instances where I can't remember what was said and had to have people repeat stuff to me. :)) :|

96) Does it bother you if we ask you some more questions? Nah not really.

97) Which leisure activity would you pursue once you're at a retirement home? I wouldn't. If I ever get that old I'll just be hiding away in my little room, talking to my friends online. :))

98) Are you religious? No.

99) How long is your hair in cm? *sigh* Too long. I'd say 8cm at the top. It's layered.

100) What do you think of this questionnaire so far? I think it's quite ok but these kind of questions are starting to really annoy me now.

101) Do you find this questionnaire useless? A lot of things in our lives are useless. We all have too much time on our hands.

102) Why do you think we're making this questionnaire? I have no idea. Actually who does come up with these, and why? That reminds me, my Mon's still gotta make one!!! ;;) But she has to study now. :|

103) Do you have a penpal? Nope. I used to have loads. They all died a cruel death. But I sometimes write letters to MonsquiZZTom, tho they never reply. Except Mon very rarely. Oh, and Tom did once.

104) Are you in love? No.

105) If so, who? I'm not. I'm very much in love with my wonderful boys, but not "in love" in love - if that makes sense.

106) What are your hobbies? I was trying to work that out for my CV. Very sad. Internet, sleeping, moping about. Reading, travelling. Something like that.

107) How much time a week do you spend on your hobbies? Well if Internet's one of them.... 70% of my waking hours? :))

108) Are there things you hate with a passion? Yes. Kids. Really. Especially when they have a screaming fit while I'm trying to listen to music. And when they stare at me. And when they're being repetitive and obnoxious and self-centred and displaying their very limited abilities, which I don't find endearing at all, but rather very exasperating.

109) Which band do you hate most? I don't think I hate any band. I'm sure there are some I find very lame, but I can't think of any right now.

110) Which band do you love most? Placebo.

111) What are your most annoying habits? Oh God. Unreasonability / procrastination / avoidance. Always insisting on being right apparently. :))

112) What do you think of Bro'Sis? (some German Pop Idol winners I believe) No opinion.

113) What's your favourite search engine? Google of course. Don't be evil!! :D :))

114) Turn your head 60 degrees to the right and down 30 degrees. What do you see? The mess that is my "PC accessories" shelf - various peripherals, cables, driver CDs, manuals...

115) If you're sitting on a revolving office chair, spin around for 5mins. How do you feel? Oh no I won't! *lol*

116) How long does it take you to put a folding chair together? Didn't know folding chairs had to be put together. :-? They just have to be folded or unfolded. :|

117) Do you chew on your pens? Yeah. Only when I find them nice to chew on, but I guess I often do. :)) It's all part of my oral fixation. :P

118) Does it calm you down to be chewing on something? Probably. I constantly chew/bite on the inside of my cheeks too - there must be a reason I do that too. But generally/superficially, with the pens, I do it cuz it's a nice feeling. :))

119) What do you do when you're nervous? Depends what kind of nervous & what the circumstances are dunnit. I fidget, drive myself crazy, talk to people and drive them crazy...

120) Do you think you look good? No. Sometimes I manage to make myself look ok (cf current layout). I guess that's ok. Could be worse.

People say...

@ "If I ever get that old I'll just be hiding away in my little room, talking to my friends online."

Liked the answers.

Posted by: Michelle on Wed March 8, 2006 at 19:57


Posted by: Clarissa on Wed March 8, 2006 at 20:31

Fucking Jesus, that's the biggest questionnaire I've ever seen. It should be like, in a museum or something.

Posted by: The BML on Wed March 8, 2006 at 21:23

The museum of Blog memes!
And you should shut up and write my CV!

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed March 8, 2006 at 21:30

I got to find those quacy boys who made this questionnaire. Probably they got even more questions for us. Hehe.

Posted by: Michelle on Wed March 8, 2006 at 23:03

@ boys - are you listening to polliiie? Where did you get it from anyway?

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed March 8, 2006 at 23:17

I don't think I need to make one now, this is a fun one

Posted by: JarJar on Thu March 9, 2006 at 6:11

you do!!!!!

Posted by: Clarissa on Thu March 9, 2006 at 8:31

Well, they said "we", and probably they are "boys" cuz some of the questions sound like it. I got the questions from another blog, and last night I found a new one BTW. A much longer one.

Posted by: Michelle on Thu March 9, 2006 at 9:02

lol ja I know some of the question DID sound like it but then I'm the girl who did a wanking survey among her friends so I'll be reluctant to judge

Seen longer one! Will comment from home later.

Posted by: Clarissa on Thu March 9, 2006 at 13:10


Posted by: JarJar on Thu March 9, 2006 at 13:18

@ " Kick myself in the balls to see how much it really hurts! "

Posted by: Dee on Thu March 9, 2006 at 16:19

@ Mon.

@ Dee.

Posted by: Clarissa on Thu March 9, 2006 at 16:50