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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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In the heat of the night
Sun, Jun 19 2005 @ 23:58   //   Category: Life & Me   //   2 comments

That is now. Hot hot hot. All weekend. Hot hot hot.
Read about my weekend. If you care. (be warned: very long & boring entry lol)...

I was right of course. I didn't sleep. So I went online. And talked to Tommy. And did some very basic tidying up. Then I went to the beach to sleep. But it was very hot. I was afraid of getting very very very sunburnt. So I gave up on trying to sleep. Instead I decided to go for a swim. So I came back home. And got changed. And went back. And went in the sea. And it was very cold. And I almost gave up. But then I didn't. So I went for a swim. And floated in the sea. And let the waves carry me. And it was fabulous. And I squealed with delight.

And then I was wet and came home and took a shower and washed my hair and got changed and went to bed and almost fell asleep but not quite. And then my landlord came. And collected the rent. And we chatted. And I asked him if it isn't annoying having to collect the rent from so many people (I think he has 34 tenants now). And he said no, and that this was nothing compared to a few years back when he had around 100 tenants and they paid weekly. He also told me (again) about his plans to emigrate to Australia and how the paperwork was a pain but mainly he had to get some money and had tried to sell one of his houses but wasn't getting a good price for it because [insert some incomprehensible stuff about the real estate market] and he could get out another loan but he already had [insert incredibly shocking amount here, sth like 1.3m!!!] out, so he would wait until the market would [insert some more blabla]. But I should definitely try to get to NYC, surely they would want me. *lol*

And then he left and I decided to go shopping, but I couldn't find my wallet. And then my mum called (I'd've missed her if I'd found my wallet on time) and I told her about my wallet and kept looking while on the phone to her, and discussed with her where it could be, and increasingly freaked out (I knew it was in the flat cuz I'd taken sth out of it after getting back from the dentist) and she seemed quite shocked that I found myself entirely unable to remember where I had put it, and what I had done in what order after I got home (you may or may not know that she has trouble remembering things / has memory issues / is slightly senile, but she said this would not happen to her. well this sorta stuff has happened to me all my life).. anyway after spending at least half an hour looking for it in the most improbable places (including the bin and the fridge) it suddenly struck me where it had to be - in my work handbag!!! And indeed there it was. In the most logical place of all. See that too happens to me all the time. I just don't assume that I keep any order so never go looking in the places where things ought to be - so why should I try to keep order? Yep yep. Better to just drop the wallet behind my shelves - I am much more likely to look for it there (and yes I did!). Of course by the time I was done looking for wallet / talking to mum, Somerfield was closed. Soooo I chatted instead.

Then went to bed and slept and woke up and took pill and slept and woke up and didn't take pill and slept and woke up. And switched on laptop and chatted, but not for that long, for then I started cleaning flat. Cleaning flat had to be done. It was very hot. I was very hot. But it had to be done. I moved everything out of my bedroom (except the bed cuz that's too big to fit anywhere else) and dusted and vacuumed (and vacuumed one of my precious earplugs :((), and I scrubbed "kitchen" floor, and scrubbed oven until it was all shiny again, and vacuumed big room, and shook rugs out the window, and did various other boring things. I also went to Asda at some point. The little choochoo train was only 1 today. :-)

And then I decided to go for a swim again to reward myself. And because I don't like taking things (cuz I have to leave them on the beach and then I have to keep an eye on them and can't totally relax) I decided not to, and just go with my swimming clothes (which aren't a swimsuit, no no) and attach my keys to them, and then I thought of shoes, and thought "bah, who needs shoes, I can walk on the pebbles barefoot, I am a tough girl". And indeed I can walk on pebbles barefoot, but I hadn't thought of scorching hot tarmac. :| I FUCKING BURNED THE SOLES OF MY FEET!!!!!! :| Um yeah but the sea was very nice and so was not having to keep an eye on things, and I took a different way home so I walked in the shadow almost the whole time.

There were very many people outside btw. There always are on nice weekends. Plus there was London to Brighton bike ride. So it was even worse. Most of them annoyed me. GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY YOU IDIOTS!!! Yes yes. I do not much like the populace. Anyway. Almost done now. I didn't mention my PC adventures but they are boring. Much like the rest of this entry. A DVD writer that pretended to be a CD writer, an old hard drive that turned out to be faulty (read: I could've just bought a new hard drive at 40 instead of a new PC at 400 lol. aah but new PCs rock...), a network setup that actually worked, and the big problem of now having parallel archives to maintain on two PCs. Mhm. But having 2 PCs and a network is very cool and geeky. :-)

D'autre part....
- Katja & Tobias are coming to visit me in early August :yay :D
- I'm obsessed with my precious boy but he does not believe me
- the other boy is sorta non-existent... or sth :-/
- my MonMonMon is leaving us :-(
- I have TV now! crap reception & only 3 channels , but TV all the same
- my mobile cam takes pics that make people look like toys
- Nelson Mandela is incredibly amazing. :x (Naomi Campbell called him "a sunshine" or sth hehe). But he is quite old. :-( I'm scared of people dying that I admire.
- as I write this I realize I could say lots more things about my weekend but this has been boring enough already so I'll keep the rest to myself and go to bed.

People say...

ugh! I hate it when it's hot and pnot being to sleep! It drives me absolutly insane, and then I end up being super cranky and super bitchy in the morning, which is something nobody needs to put up with.

Going to the beach sounds like fun, for you, not for me, personally I hate the beach... if you had done that here you would have caught something nasty...eew!

@ not finding wallet. I do that all the time with the keys! Just as well you weren't on your way to work...

Posted by: Jster on Mon June 20, 2005 at 13:41

Hehe yeah but I don't really need my wallet for work so I could've left without it.
I actually manage to put my keys in the same place every day now. Well, almost every day. *cough* Hmmm where are they now?

Posted by: Clarissa on Mon June 20, 2005 at 14:29