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I wanna stay
Sun, Jan 30 2005 @ 18:32   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates   //   8 comments

My Mon is watching Gilmore Girls. In the meantime she wants me to write a long update (since I don't watch Gilmore Girls, no idea what it is about). I don't really know what the update should be about since we haven't really done much all day.

I will tell you about our day anyway. We got up around 11, had some food and watched TV. Pretty much all day. We watched Girl, Interrupted, a bit of Donnie Darko, some US reality shows (Outback Jack for instance) and, um, can't remember what else we watched. We also came online from time to time, but online was/is largely boring.

At some point Mon did her hair (and I did questionnaires) and then when Mon was done doing her hair, I took lots of pictures of her and tried to make it look particularly red. While I was doing this Mon watched more TV.

I bet Mon regrets asking me to update cuz my typing is really quite loud. I could type on my Tommy I guess, that would be less loud. It also would be a less confusing keyboard without funny letters , but um.. I am too lazy to move and I dunno where Tommy is anyway. Photoshop sucks btw.

Oh I changed the message on Mon's fridge. See I bought her magnetic letters for Xmas (I didn't buy her only magnetic letters, I also bought her other things, but anyway, there were also magnetic letters). Ja so the magnetic letters used to say "I am a fridge and I contain Mon's Pepsi Max so back off" or sth along those lines. Well now it says something else. :P

Ja that's pretty much it about our day. I read a bit, in a scary language, according to Mon. Amazon is cool, when you do a search for sth that can only yield one result, it takes you straight to the right page (rather than a list), even if you don't type in the full title of the book. Did that make sense? Doesn't have to. It will make the entry longer which is what Mon wanted.

So ja I said (in the title) that I want to stay here. I do. That would be neat. I would like to be Mon's little dog - I'd want fur tho cuz I don't wanna get cold. Being Mon's little dog is fun - you get to sleep all day, you get hugged & petted a lot, you get fed, you can play when you feel like it, you get to sleep in Mon's bed and sometimes you can pee on the floor (ok I wouldn't necessarily want to pee on the floor - then again if I was a dog I possibly would). And I wouldn't even have to learn Norwegian! I know all I need to understand as a dog: "Slutt!" or "Nei!" when I do something I shouldn't, and "kom hit!" when she wants me to come to her. So now all I need is a magic potion that will turn me into a little dog. :D

I wonder if this entry is long enough for my Mon. I will ask her how much more time I have. Ah 10mins apparently. Hm I've been writing for a long time. Well I also took and transferred and edited pics. Photoshop sucks did I tell you? Oh I did. Hm daniel says I have 15mins left, so Mon was lying. :| Ah no, d just corrected himself so Mon was right. My Mon is always right. :x Except when she disagrees with me. ;))

Ja so once she's done watching Gilmore Girls (and I'm done writing this entry) we have to do sth creative. Well we don't have to, but we kinda want to. Or sth. I suggested taking pictures of Mon, but Mon didn't like that idea. :-( Mon wants to do a horror movie. Horror movies scare me. Also we can't transfer the filmed stuff to the PC... not until I send Mon my firewire card. Then she can, apparently. She just needs the right software. Apparently. I'm sure we can acquire that illegally somehow. :wh

I am still in my pyjamas. Not really worth getting changed anymore now is it. It's almost time for bed again. Wasting Sundays is much more fun with a Mon than on my own. :D I think it's great to travel 5hrs to a different country to do the exact same things I do at home (minus TV watching)! :D Tho would be nicer if all my friends lived very close to me. They should aaallll move to Brighton! :no (hint hint) I'd consider somewhere else too but they'd all have to be there.

Oh oh we played Sims yesterday. Not for very long but was fun! SimMon and SimWam are cute. They live together. :D Mon is old tho and has white hair. :-( She's a retired surgeon tho so she's very smart. :x Wam is very lazy and very unfit - just like in real life! :D Oh and we tried to make a d in Sims but we weren't very good.

Oh Gilmore Girls is over so this entry is too. Byee!

People say...

well at least the digital d turned out better than the original

Posted by: d on Sun January 30, 2005 at 19:08

No he didn't!

Posted by: Wam on Sun January 30, 2005 at 21:43

i zould comment but this keyboqrd is so fucking qnnoying

hoz strqnge thqt the only zord thqt co,es out right is fucking

Posted by: Mqrk on Mon January 31, 2005 at 19:30

You should start watching gilmore girls. it's fun.

Posted by: Anne on Mon January 31, 2005 at 23:17

No point since I have no TV at home.

Posted by: Wam on Mon January 31, 2005 at 23:28

Citz - does your 'Miriam' have a MJ tat on her shoulder? Eye and autograph. If so, she's on Sky:


Posted by: Vega on Mon January 31, 2005 at 23:38

Ja, she was all over the news last year. Was on Norwegian TV yesterday too.

Didn't know she was mine tho.

Posted by: Wam on Tue February 1, 2005 at 11:12

Oh I thought the picture was very recent.

She's yours because you know her and I dont!

Posted by: Vega on Tue February 1, 2005 at 14:28