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Posted on October 30th, 2011 @ 18:57 in Uncategorized

Half past three in the morning. I can’t get no sleep. Ok I lie, but I am listening to that song right now. I used to go clubbing back when that first came out!
Figured I should write a non-travel update (esp. as there won’t be any of those for a while now). I’ve just had my hair cut by my kind neighbour. Can’t decide if I should also bleach & dye it or not. I want it a funky colour, but I am too lazy to actually do it. Story of my life.

I guess the big news is that I am more or less back on the job market, as our whole customer service team was made redundant. Right now it’s still sort of under negotiation, so I don’t even have an end date, which is annoying. I must admit I was originally relieved cuz I’d been kind of bored in that job, and I had lots of plans about what I would be doing during my months of unemployment: drawing, sewing, learning Norwegian and VBS… all that sort of stuff. But I’ve been realising these past few days that it’s actually quite a crazy idea, and that I’m more likely to sleep in, do nothing at all, and become reclusive and depressed. Of course I may not actually have a choice.

Okay, and now I’m bored of this and will go dye my hair and play video games.


I went to New York!

Posted on October 20th, 2011 @ 20:46 in Uncategorized

That was kinda predictable, was it not. I am yet to upload the pics to Flickr (I didn’t take that many), but I ought to write this before I forget all about what I did. [edit] Pics are now available. More »


I’m going to New York!

Posted on October 6th, 2011 @ 23:41 in Uncategorized

This seems to be becoming a travel blog exclusively. Also, I probably shouldn’t speak too soon – there is still more than 24hrs where it can all go wrong. It doesn’t look like Philippe will become an immediate threat though.

I have tons planned – tons – I fear I may not have enough time for it all, but I will do my darnedest. And if I fail I can always go back later. *lol* I am totally glad the thing fell through in August tho, cuz imagine, otherwise it’d be all over by now! *hehe*

[ok, I don’t actually have much to say, just thought it was time to update this thing for a change. Hopefully the next update will be a NY travelogue! And then one day I will tell you what else is going on in my life. That should be an interesting one…]

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