3100 July words

Posted on July 31st, 2011 @ 14:59 in Uncategorized

Right here. That’s all. The sun is calling.

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Protected: Not about Amy

Posted on July 28th, 2011 @ 22:43 in Uncategorized

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A fragment

Posted on July 17th, 2011 @ 23:24 in Uncategorized

Alright. I’m only posting this here cuz 1. someone on Twitter has been badgering me that I should update and 2. I’m probably never going to do anything more with it so that way at least it doesn’t disappear forever like so many other things that never get past 500 words. It started out as a 100words.com thing (so you’ll get to see that at the end of the month) which I thought could be expanded on. It’s also inspired by… well… stuff my therapist has said. But it is of course not autobiographical. *lol* More »

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