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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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The human body is all wrong
Thu, Sep 28 2006 @ 21:49   //   Category: Life & Me  

We should be able to do things in bulk. Like, I've more or less been sleeping for 2 days on end cuz I wasn't feeling so good. So today was my eating day. So far I've had cereal and salad and spaghetti and sweets and now I shall have pizza...

Ok maybe it's not actually that much and I'm just not used to eating anymore. Seems a waste of time these days, mostly. Well not the eating, but the making food and the washing up etc.

Dinosaurs were cool. I am reading about them and they took a breath around every two minutes. They weren't literally cool tho, apparently their body temperature was as high as 48C.

I'm meant to find out how to quickly remove my TV card from my PC, in case the TV license people come to check. But I am too lazy. Instead I will just refuse to open the door.


It is now more or less 24hrs later. I've gone back to sleeping mostly. Hello, how are you? I am undecided. I'll tell you about the things I've done today, tho they are few.

I slept.

I checked my bank and email records for the Pink tickets (concert on Weds). I finally found what I was looking for, contacted Ticketmaster, they will send me the tickets apparently. Yay.

I slept.

I went outside and binned some paper and some glass and some general stuff and bought today's Argus and Private Eye.

I chatted to Mon.

I read Private Eye.

I played GBA.

I chatted to Katja.

I slept.

I chatted to Lo.

I finished my design thingo and mailed it off.

I attempted to read/play GBA.

I made and ate yummy salad with egg and tomato and cheese and lettuce, while watching illegal streams of Family Guy.

I played GBA again and my mum called me and told me some random stuff about Paris taxis, and then we kept talking and then she said things and I had nothing to say in response so I was sad.

I can hear the sea these days. It's really strange cuz I've lived in this flat for almost 2 years now, which is wrong to start with - I've never lived this long in one place. But I don't remember ever hearing the sea this distinctly. Maybe it's cuz I sleep so little at night, and it's warm so I have the window open. Or maybe I'm developing some sort of freak hearing.

So I lie awake listening to the waves. It's nice, it's very soothing and sometimes it makes me wanna get up at 4am and go down to the beach and watch the tide. But I never do anymore. Maybe I will soon.

Maybe I will do all sorts of things. :-)