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So this is the plan
Wed, Nov 23 2005 @ 02:43   //   Category: Life & Me   //   6 comments

[we're moving forward by moving backwards. but since everything was better before...]

It's not that late yet... how scary [nb this was written ages ago, around 10pm]. I have HOOOUURS to go. Except I really need some sleep. Of course I am not half a quarter as bad as some people I dare not name, but I've been sort of sleep deprived. And should catch up. Esp. since I'm going to Paris this weekend (did you hear that?? I AM GOING TO PARIS THIS WEEKEND!!) and had better be prepared for that... yeah so sleep. Soon. Not now tho. mustwriteentry

So the plan. Er yeah. What was the plan? Ah yes. I asked about doing the course full time, and I was told that's fine (considering the studying fees I my mum pay(s), I'm not that surprised), so I will. So it means I will be a full time student again starting 9th Jan... how fucking exciting (tho having 30hr study weeks is a bit daunting, but then I have no intention of stressing myself out too much). It also means I will be done mid-May. So can go to NYC with my mum then. :D

As for the current job, I have decided to stay until the new year after finding out how much the end of year bonus actually is. For some reason I thought it was... less than it is. Turns out I will end up with something like 700. That's nice. And it would be stupid to forfeit that for a few extra days off.

The thing I ended up not saying last night cuz by that time I was too far gone was that I will really miss Ann-Louise once I leave (tho that is obvious I guess). And I realized today that I will also really miss Ingmar. Not in the sense of "omg I will die if I don't have him in my life" (cuz if that was the case I could simply keep in touch, the way I will do with Ann-Louise no doubt.. until I move on from her ahem). But simply in the sense that, the relationship we have is really nice, really fun. On a superficial level of course (he has no idea who I really am, but then neither does Ann-Louise, tho she knows more than him I suppose).

But I guess the fact I am playing a role/being superficial in this situation/job doesn't mean I hate every bit of it (the roleplaying, not the job). It's part of life innit. And you grow really fond of people. People you would never meet if you weren't stuck with them in an office (lol this must sound so weird, but of course to me the normal course of action is that I very selectively pick out my friends from a vast pool of online people... )

Mhm. For I am weird. See: Tonight I met Charlie. Ok this is wrong. (define meet). Anyway. Tonight was the first time I spent time with Charlie. Time online, of course. And time on phone. Charlie being TomsquiZZfriend. And Charlie the TomsquiZZfriend knows twenty times as much about me as Ingmar the workfriendIspendalmosteverydaywith (but then Charlie did know stuff before tonight too).

I could say loooooaaaaads more about Charlie but guess what - I wont. 8-} Instead I will say I have bought a scooter for 10 from bWise. It will take me to college. Unless I can't bothered. And then college will be over and I will moo, I mean move, to NYC.

But first I will do more realistic stuff. Next weekend I will meet Karin! She studies in Paris. I am going to Paris. She has agreed to meeting up. :D The weekend after that I am meeting Vega in Stockholm. She has been an absolute star and booked the hotel for me!! :D I love people who support my suckiness phonephobia. I am also meeting the Fugees. The weekend after that I am apparently definitely meeting the lovely squiZZ. Might kidnap/keep/hide.

Yeah but now I must go cuz I am doing a French test online... for the 2nd time.... the 1st time I sucked & only got 75% so I better collect my brain cells and get 100% or, er, cheat. Oh and then I will go to bed. Sleep = good. :-)

People say...

What a fun entry

Posted by: d on Wed November 23, 2005 at 9:09


Posted by: Clarissa on Wed November 23, 2005 at 9:24

>>I am also meeting the Fugees.


Posted by: The BML on Wed November 23, 2005 at 14:36


no not really of course.

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed November 23, 2005 at 14:53


Posted by: squiZZ on Wed November 23, 2005 at 17:49


Posted by: Clarissa on Wed November 23, 2005 at 19:26