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Sun, Nov 13 2005 @ 22:10   //   Category: Updates   //   5 comments

That's what I just did.

By unplugging the electric heater. It's cold you see, but not that cold, so I have it on for stretches at a time. The electric heater. And so I unplugged it again, like so many times before, and everything went dead. Socket-wise. This includes the PC. Bla. But is all back. Except the heater cuz that scares me now. *shivering* (ok not really shivering just yet)

It's cold. Nevertheless I went to the cemetery. I hadn't been for ages. I took pics. I decided to - OMG can you believe it - update my Pics of Places site. First time in over two years. Wow. I was gonna move it to Flickr first, but that has a 20MB/month limit and I already had 50MB before the update... so in the end I uploaded it all to my good old Coppermine Gallery.

There are new albums for:
- New York (64 pics)
- Riga (24 pics)
- Brighton & Sussex (60 pics)
- Leipzig (22 pics)
- Darmstadt (13 pics)

And there are new additions in:
- Paris (8 new)
- Brighton & Preston Cemetery (15 new)

Er yeah. If you can't be bothered going through it all (most of these I've already posted on the blog, tho there is unpublished stuff in each of the albums), let me just point out a few pics taken today:
Rememberance Day @ Old Steine
Raven in flight
Squirrel on tree
Cobweb on grave
Rememberance Day (again... @ cemetery this time)

It's getting sorta late now. I've been phoning people trying to arrange my Lux visit next weekend. It seems to be working out ok, everyone I kinda really wanna see is willing to make time for me (hm I do wonder in how far kinda and really cancel each other out). I had a "must book the whole stay full of stuff" frenzy earlier, and that's probably a good thing. I am way more excited about Paris the week after than this. :|

Um anyway. I forgot to call Stockholm hotel... ok I didn't forget, I deferred. Or avoided. Maybe I will try to get Ann-Louise to do it for me tomorrow. ;;) Dentist too. Must call dentist. *sigh* Lalala. *hides under duvet*

People say...

I love the raven one.

PHONE THE DENTIST you weirdly toothed oddball.

Posted by: The BML on Sun November 13, 2005 at 22:21

Fucka the offa!

Posted by: Clarissa on Sun November 13, 2005 at 23:26

I can always call the hotel for you, if you want.

Posted by: Vega on Tue November 15, 2005 at 20:35

*sucks up to Vega*
I asked Ann-Louise and she rolled her eyes at me

Posted by: Clarissa on Tue November 15, 2005 at 20:41

Fuck me your camera takes amazing pics!!!

Posted by: Woods on Thu November 17, 2005 at 23:33