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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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Yep yep it's me
Sun, May 08 2005 @ 00:22   //   Category: Updates   //   4 comments

Yeah I know this is gonna annoy everyone no end - I confuse myself with it too lol. But we thought it would be amusing and since I'll probably be too lazy to change it for quite a while you're stuck with it.

I cleaned the flat today and went into town. Also got my Amazon parcels. That's really all that's worth writing about. Well I could write a very long entry about other stuff, but I don't think I'm ready for it, or can be bothered, or something. Maybe some day. We'll see where this goes, if anywhere. Goodnight now.

People say...

This is just silly.

Posted by: Dave on Sun May 8, 2005 at 22:53

Yep yep that's me

Posted by: Clarissa on Mon May 9, 2005 at 8:20

I'm confused. :(

Posted by: Jster Navarro Norton on Wed May 11, 2005 at 19:20

Ja I'll change it back when I can be bothered. Too lazy now.

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed May 11, 2005 at 20:55