IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!!! Hotlinking to these images (i.e. using them on a different server) will bring up a picture of gay porn!!!! This may lead to extreme embarrassment for you. *lol* That is because I am paying for this webspace and don't see why I should waste my hard-earned money on complete strangers!!! If you absolutely must have Yahoo smileys, get them from Yahoo's server!

These are the most important Yahoo smileys. Most of the codes are the same as on Yahoo, BUT NOT ALL. I've had to change some as Movable Type mucks things up, so please be kind enough to go through the list.
NB: ONLY :-) & NOT :) will work for and so on. Sorry about the inconvenience.

:-) happy
:-( sad
;-) wink
:D big grin
;;) batting eyelashes
:-/ confused
:x love struck
:bl blushing
:p tongue
:* kiss
:O shock
X( angry
:-s worried
:evil devilish
:(( crying
:)) laughing
:] smug
:| straight face
/:) raised eyebrow
O:) angel
=; talk to the hand
:amen praying
8-| rolling eyes
:-& sick
:-$ shhh
:no not talking
:wh whistle
=P~ drooling
:-? thinking
#-o d'oh!
[-X shame on you
:yay dancing
:hug hug
:9 evil tongue
(| tired
:-n nail-biting
:-w impatient
=(( broken heart
=)) ROFL
:bio bring it on
;)) teehee
^:)^ not worthy