OK, here's my attempt at summarising my life so far. Not that it's been very long or exciting or scandalous (hm, scandals, lemme think... *lol*)...

     I was born one September afternoon back in 1977, in Luxembourg incidentally. My father had left my mother for another woman a few months earlier (luckily for her, as he just makes everyone's lives miserable). This meant that she had to work full time, so I spent my weekdays at my grandparents' & when I was 3 or 4 I went into daycare, which was fun and made up for the lack of siblings (I have two younger half-brothers, but they lived with their respective mothers, hehe).
     My mum met my step-dad ("dad" hereafter) at some point and he moved in with us in 1982 or something. He's cool. Hard to bear sometimes, but he's also someone to be proud of, unlike my biological father ("father" hereafter). So we were a more or less happy family (now those of you who know details - don't argue! ;)

     My mum was (and is) pretty cool about the divorce from my father, she never really got alimony (he had no money anyway), but didn't bother. There've been some nasty scenes with other women he's been with since. Let's also mention that my father is a psychopath who stalks others (among other things). One day I will write down his story. Much more interesting than mine. Anyway, I started visiting him every other week-end and during holidays when I was about 6, which was great fun cuz my brother would be there too (18 months younger). By that time he was with his 3rd wife (who was to become one of my best friends).

     In 1987 my mum & dad had a huge fight and she left him. We stayed at her parents' for a while and I had a sort of epileptic fit that was never really explained (stress-related apparently). Never had one again after that. They got back together soon after, but my dad also rented an appartment so he could get away when things got problematic ;) Oh, let's also mention that my dad's health was not the best & he was on the verge of dying many a time.

     What else is important in my uneventful teenage life... 1988 was an important year cuz I discovered Michael Jackson and started horse-riding. The horses and the people involved soon became my whole life. Most of my "real life" friends even now I got to know thru the horses - and many of my real life enemies too. *lol* The owners of the riding school became sort of like my second family for a while (my parents weren't that available), I spent all my free time there for years. I've had some of my best times at that place, but it all had to end in disaster because they are selfish, two-faced hypocrites who will use and abuse anyone who's stupid enough to let them. Unfortunately I was, but I finally learnt my lesson. After 12 years!

     I 'discovered' the Internet in 1996, my 1st year at uni (doing English literature & French). Been hooked ever since, and my social life that is not horse-related is bound to be Internet-based. Which means that I have met many cool people from all over the world, some of which have become very very very close friends. *lol* In 1997 I went to England to study, where I spent 5 years, except for one year over in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world. I did English with French at Sussex Uni in Brighton, then an MA in Translation Studies at Warwick Uni.

     My dad died in June 2002, which kinda threw me, so I never finished my MA. Finally moved back to Luxembourg that summer too and got a job teaching at my old school... which I did for about a year, then quit. I decided during a trip to the UK in May 2003 that that was simply not how I want to live, so I'll be moving back to England soon. Am moving to lovely Brighton, no idea what I'll do for a living, but I'm very excited! :)

     In case you'd wondered why my bio has been so relationship-less - that's because my life is. I am a long-time single, I have no intention of changing that (unless MJ... *g*) and I am sick of people telling me there must be something wrong with me because I don't go wailing Bridget-Jones-style about a lack of romantic love-stories in my life.