- March 2002 -

:: 24Mar02 :: This is the 2nd layout to my Clarissaweb Site and I have to say a mea culpa in Web design matters. These days, I am doing all the things I used to despise in web design. I used to be this extreme purist (hail to the great Tobias, my mentor) - NO unnecessary graphics, optimal usability for users of ANY obscure browsers, preferably NO frames, and so on.
     Plus I really hated all these obstrusive things like defining scrollbar colours, imposing fixed size browser windows, and to be honest I also loathed personal websites full stop.
     And now I'm doing it all... so here goes, I'm sorry. I just happen to have a slightly different approach now. Maybe it's cuz I've grown more selfish - I don't see why I shouldn't profit from all of this instead of always trying to accomodate everyone while still having to cope with everyone else's design whims. So there - deal with it. If you hate pop-ups, or are on a 28k modem, or happen to have Netscape - too bad! *lol*

:: 20Mar02 :: Sometimes I forget what geniuses The Beatles were. I've just remembered again tonight and I thought I'd write it down. There's not really much I can add to that - not like I'm gonna analyze their genius now or write an essay about them or whatever. It's just amazing to listen to them and marvel. You don't get that sort of talent very often and I have a lot of respect for it.
     Sometimes I wonder what people in 100 years will think about the artists we admire today. And I don't mean the Britneys and the J-Los, I mean the Beatles and the Marvin Gayes (see, I ain't gonna mention MJ cuz he's controversial in that respect). I'm hoping they'll have the same respect then as they have now. Anyway, don't matter. As long as I can enjoy them now. Fuck the rest.

:: 03Mar02 :: There - I have fallen in love! *gasp* It's kinda complicated... Tobias pointed out Moby's official Site to me the other day. He keeps a sort of diary on there (click on "Moby Updates") which is quite amusing. Now ever since September 11th I've started checking out the diary entries from around then on any of those diary, Weblog sites and so on, just to see how people dealt with it. I thought Moby would be particularly interesting since he's actually a New Yorker.
     And, oooooh, his entries are so moving, sweet, heart-wrenching, it just makes you wanna cuddle him (well that's what it did to me anyway). It really got to me - he's so honest and open and vulnerable, and yet so patient and selfless... I mean, you can see that he's terribly upset and can barely cope with the grief, and yet he ends up apologizing for upsetting some people with what he wrote, ooooh it's so incredibly adorable!!! *swoon*
He actually woke up from the sound of the explosions, he lives really close, and he did lose some friends, what he wrote just brings it all back alive, it's just... wow. Oh, and apart from that he can also be very funny (read his entry entitled 'J-Mo', esp. the beginning about the Grammies). Needless to say, he's also quite sexy in a cuddly sort of way, I've always had a soft spot for him. So now I'm in love. A little bit. Enough to write this anyway ;)

:: 24Feb02 :: RIGHT! This is really quite irrelevant to most people out there, but it just pisses me off sooo much! I'm talking about our LAN here at Warwick Uni. Seee, we have this cooool rich Uni that believes all students should be able to connect for free from their rooms (well the rent is high enough to pay for that!). So over summer they connected every bedroom in campus residences & charged different contractors with maintaining the network... that's great right?
     Except they seem to have forgotten to upgrade their servers when they went from 3000 users to 9000, so you keep getting disconnected all the time (making it impossible to use messengers and FTP), it breaks down as soon as there's some traffic (i.e. every evening/night til 1.00am!), and you can rely on a complete crash at least once every 10 days! (which will of course occur at 6.00pm on a Friday and not be fixed until the following Monday!!!!!!!) AAARGH!
     So now it's a Virus (read: it's our fault) - except this has been going on since CHRISTMAS (i.e. more than six weeks!) and there has been no improvement whatsoever!!! And as usual, the people responsible seem to do fuck-all other than calming down pissed off students (oh, and putting up notes saying "there's a virus, please don't use MSN Messenger and download a virus scanner", which I know people don't give a FUCK about!). Well I ain't gonna calm down, so here's to you, Warwickpiazza: